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13 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook “Jiscovery History Concert” in Seoul (fan account)

  1. This was such pleasure to see and listen to — THANK YOU! Partly because of JCW Kitchen, partly because of my love for K-drama and JCW’s in particular, I, at 85, went to Korea for 12 days in Aug. to see in person some of the country I had been viewing for 5 years on my computer and TV screens. I too stayed in Myeongdong for part of the time, but was also blessed to stay in a Korean home for several days. And yes ! Korea was super hot and humid, but so wonderful to be there and also to visit Gangwha Island, Daegu, and especially the tombs and ruins of the ancient Silla kingdom of “Great Queen Seondeok.” I was in Seoul the day JCW went into the army but could not hop over to watch him enter the base…

  2. Thank you for the detailed explanation of Jiscovery event! I wish I would be there, too but will plan for the next concert when he returns from MS.
    I will wait for your next post about the Jiscovery and more about JCW.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It felt like I was there. More power to Ji Chang Wook Kitchen!

  4. Thank you Cherkell for the wonderful fan report. It sounds like you had a memorable time despite the weather. I enjoyed the music videos…surely miss him like crazy! He sure has matured as a performer and the program was organized well. I can’t believe how much his fan base has grown. I want to thank the DayRock Cafe for inviting international fans to participate in JCW events…I really felt that I was a “true fan” even though I was so far away.
    I now have his pictorial book, DVD and OST…very happy! Gosh, was his handprint that big? Also what did he write in his letter to his mom? His love for his mom always touches my heart.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this, Cherkell! I got home at midnight last night after work. Still I have to log in to your website. It is like a sleeping pill that I have to take nightly before bed. So happy to see your new post about Wookie’s concert. Thank you again for all your time and effort.

  6. Wow! Thank you for this comprehensive summary of the Jiscovery Concert! The detail and pictures brought some comfort to fans who couldn’t attend in person. While based in the US, I would have flown to see JCW’s concert in Seoul. I earnestly tried to get tickets, but discovered that everything quickly sold out! Curious, how did you manage to get the tickets??? I want to learn for the next time. Thank you!

    • Thank you Kitchen for your sharing! I had great difficulty in buying the ticket online and could not get even one. Any tips?

  7. Reading this made me feel like I was at the event, though I may have cried while watching him perform. 感谢你的分享

  8. Thank you very much for this love offering to JI CHANG WOOK, much to the delight and appreciation of his 3 Fs (family, friends and fans). I enjoyed reading and watching and listening to the video, but Im sure not as much as you did writing and recording it. The effort must have an honored place in the history of JCW’s career, when years and years from now, he looks back at this chapter in his life. Only a true fan could have accomplished thís, not to mention the talent required. I will read and view this again and again.

  9. Wow! Thanks for all this hardwork Gabby and cherkell. This must really have taken a lot of time and effort. It is much appreciated. I look forward to so much to enjoy when I have more free moments!!! 🙂

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