[News] Ji Chang Wook sends his first letter from the army

On 30 August, Glorious Entertainment uploaded the first letter from Ji Chang Wook written to his fans since enlisting a few weeks ago.  So because it’s been all of 16 days since then (not like we’re counting or anything…), let’s take a look at what Wook has to say about his new life in the army!

*The “Daum Cafe” that Ji Chang Wook refers to is the Daum Cafe of the 3rd Infantry Division (nicknamed “White Skull”), an online community portal where family and friends can register to leave internet letters, and view photos uploaded by the regiment of their loved ones currently in service.  Unfortunately, his fans have overwhelmed the registration for the cafe and family members were unable to properly register.  Glorious Entertainment had previously posted a notice requesting his fans to not register for the Daum Cafe, as access was revised to only registrants who could prove they were true family members.


Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

28 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook sends his first letter from the army

  1. To JCW Kitchen crew…
    Thanks for all the hard work you do to provide us with up to date information regarding JCW. Special THANKS to Gabby who translated his letter. You are all very much appreciated.

  2. Ah, such a sweet gesture from Wookie…it made me misses him more…i’ll really make sure to him in person in 2019! #savingalot#traveltokorea2019#missingwookie

  3. he is so considerate to send out a letter to fans as soon as he is unpacked! his handwriting is so distinctive, kind of like he is! thank you for the letter and subs. keeping this man in my heart til he returns.

  4. i dont get this!the online letter he has read are sent via daum cafe??
    so i cant send him a letter online??
    ahh..i really want to send one!!
    but man seriously how can any of his fan turn away their attention?! he is such a magnet. so sweet and considerate toward all his fan☺ i know one thing for sure my heart belong to him forever😘😘😘

  5. I have a site in Spanish and I would like permission to translate the letter and post it on my site in Argentina. Of course I always put the corresponding credits and I always thank them for the work they do

  6. Nice update😊😊, it feels so good when you wake up first thing in the morning and read mails like this, it’s energizing🌻🌞😊. Thank you!! I am a fan from the Philippines😊💪🏿😁

  7. Thank you so much for posting his letter and translating it. I am so happy to hear he is doing fine.

  8. Love his letter! Feel like party of his family. Glad he is doing well and yes, he is a great role model and leader!

  9. such a sweet letter ,ah nostalgia about the romantic old days of letter writing.JCW is an absolute cutie .

  10. omg! he’s so sweet and thoughtful. always so considerate.
    thank you so much for the updates especially for translating.

  11. Such an adorable letter from JCW. I am glad to hear that he is the team leader of his group. So funny, the fans have crashed the Daum Cafe intended for recruit family members. Oh well, that’s fan power.

  12. Haha…such a cute letter! He is very optimistic and considerate to everyone. Have you all written any letter to him yet?

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