[CF] Ji Chang Wook sends his greetings through Fossil ads

It’s a blessing that we are still getting new content of Ji Chang Wook even though it has been more than a month since he left for the army. Following his recent feature in 1st Look magazine, global watch brand Fossil has gone on to release several videos of him endorsing their latest line of smart watches.

In this 30-second ad, Ji Chang Wook appears with actress Song Ji Hyo to showcase the watch’s high-tech features.

They also dropped by the store to customise a tote bag with their images printed on it.

In the 1st Look interview, Ji Chang Wook lamented that he wasn’t able to properly demonstrate the watch’s features through photographs. Well, we get to see him do just that in this short behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot.

Fossil is currently running a campaign offering buyers of their smartwatches a chance to meet Song Ji Hyo at a fan sign session. As Ji Chang Wook has already enlisted, he appears in a short video instead to make up for his absence.

Click on CC for English subtitles.

Fossil stores around Asia have already started putting up his ads, so see if you can spot them around while shopping!

Credit: Fossil and 1st Look on YouTube

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