[News] Ji Chang Wook sends his second letter from the army

It’s been a mere 45 days since Ji Chang Wook entered the Korean military for his mandatory service, and we’re sure everyone is wondering how our little Soldier Boy has been holding up through his basic training assignment.  So earlier today, Glorious Entertainment posted Ji Chang Wook’s second letter to his fans!

Please note that this letter is dated 20 September 2017, written the day before Wook’s graduation from basic training.

To offer some context to his letter, Ji Chang Wook was referring to an ongoing boycott against his Korean fan cafe DayRock, which has been accused of treating some members unfairly and for receiving special privileges from his agency. We shall not elaborate further on this matter since The Kitchen would prefer to take a neutral stance, and we hope all parties will arrive at an amicable resolution soon.

NOTE:  Wook’s new mailing address at the 5th Artillery Brigade has yet to be determined.  We will provide it as soon as it is announced.

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment


16 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook sends his second letter from the army

  1. I do hope he is okay wherever he is right now and can concentrate on the work at hand. His warmth and kindness as a person shines through in his letters.

  2. I wish we knew how to write a letter to him, since we can’t email from overseas. I had sent him two letters while he was in training and would love to continue writing to him. He said in both of his letters that he really enjoys reading them all and it makes him happy. He needs that more than ever!

  3. I am really fascinated by his handwriting and I wish I can read it. I think it will take me 50 years to learn it. The letters look so cute but very complicated. I really appreciate that we can see how he’s doing through this site. Thank you jichangwookkitchen.com for your hard work.

  4. Thanks for the info….It must be hard for Ji Chang Wook to reply each and ever letter that been sent to him. ..Reading this letter make me feel the truth and sincerity of care and love he had for his fans…and I’m thankful.
    Hope that he will do well for the coming days and be healthy and happy always
    Take care my lovely idol

  5. Thank you again for translating and keeping us informed. I think about JCW every day and pray for his safety and well-being. Just to think I realized my dream of visiting Korea at the ripe old age of 85.! I was in Seoul and could have gone to Gangwon the day he went to his training base but did not know of it until I came home.

  6. Hi Gabby, Thanks for posting JCW’s 2nd letter. It’s good to know that he still takes the trouble not only to read fans’ letters, but to address matters that may (or may not) pertain to him.
    I thought I’d let you know that when I clicked on the link to this article from my email, I got to “Page not found” instead. I came here from the main website link rather than through the email link. Perhaps you’d like to check. When I look at the url link though, it looks the same as this page link, so I’m puzzled.
    Thanks again and looking forward to more news from the loveable guy!

      • Hi Gabby, thanks for trying to fix the uploading issue, and I tried clicking on the link(s) but I’m still getting the same error message regardless of which link I click in the email(s).

        This is not the first time I’ve come across this, just that I did not inform you before. Usually I find that other posts don’t have this problem.

        I’ll try again later. 😁

  7. I hope that whatever it is (misunderstanding) they’re having will be resolved soon. We don’t want JCW worrying over this while he’s serving in the Army. We all have one thing in common… that we love him and we want the best for him!

  8. I am so greatful that I am able to know about Ji Chang Wook and find that he is fine, healthy, and at least laughing with his fans’ letters. Thank you for translating his letter in English and for providing such great news. Ana Sanchez

  9. he is such a thoughtful man. to write letters to his fans is to love them! i think he will do really well in the army and we will patiently wait for his time to end and come back to us. i love reading the letters and am grateful that you girls provide ongoing news about him for us. thank you so much!

  10. Everytime I read about Ji Chang Wook–whetther written by himself or the media-I think how proud and happy his family must be. He is truly a well rounded young man not only for his talents but for his kind heart and consideration of others. God Bless Ji Chang Wook and I like alot of others I look forward to your return. Debbie

  11. I was happy to read JCW’s letter…his writing “voice” is so clear. So glad he is enjoying the fan letters. On the other hand, I was so DISAPPOINTED to hear about the boycott FROM HIM!! JCW is on military duty (and a dangerous one) and I feel personal issues such as this does not take priority. We (fans) should supporting him positively and not burdening him with issues that are difficult for him to handle at this time. His mental state is very important to his safety. That being said, I hope that these issues can be resolved for the sake of JCW. As JCW has grown in popularity and exposure, the fandom has become diverse in its culture and needs. I admire the loyalty and hard work of the Dayrock; they have been with JCW since his early years (this includes Cherkell too). I was so happy that Dayrock gave opportunities to international fans to participate through donations. Their organization and ground work was evident in photos; I was proud to be a part of it. Since the JCW community has grown so much, this would be a good time to reflect and work out the “challenges”. Please take note of what is happening in the US when people do not work together…it is so depressing and nothing can be accomplished. I do not want that to happen to JCW’s fandom. I really want his next letter to be positive and full of happiness.

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