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12 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 2 December 2017

  1. I miss our Wook badly. Does any one know whether Glorious Ent will release a JCW 2018 Calendar or not? Thank you very much guys.

    • If Glorious had plans to release one for 2018, they would have made an announcement by now. The September 2017-May 2019 calendar that Glorious released earlier this year will probably be the only one available until Wook returns from his military service.

  2. The post hasn’t been deleted though – I hope there wasn’t any trouble.
    At any rate, glad to see him on his overdue break – there’s been a bit more than the usual kerfuffle at the border thanks to the loony next door – and doing something he enjoys!
    P/s: apologies if my previous (rejected) comment was offensive. I can have a bit of the “wrong” sense of humor sometimes when excited!

  3. Squeeeee! His short haircut is soooo cute! I’m just surprised, as I thought they would have let him grow it out some.

    Good to see him looking so happy.

  4. thank you for the shot of JCW sunshine today! missing him a lot but holding together! so excited for his return! thanks for the info on fabricated city also.

    • @koreamom – Thanks for mentioning the post on Fabricated City as I never would have scrolled down that far to notice it. I’ll definitely be renting it and hopefully the subtitles are much better than where I’ve watched it previously.

      I’ve watched it 3 times (on different sites) and I never saw Kim Seul gi any of the times I watched it despite the fact that she’s credited as being in the movie. : (

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