[Instagram Update] 6 December 2017

이제 복귀. 승진.👍

Return (to base) now. Seungjin.👍

*Seungjin is the name of Wook’s company unit, and is spoken out as a salutation when making a formal salute. Seungjin can also mean “promotion”, which was what we had written originally in the translation.

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12 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 6 December 2017

    • Did you send him one yet? There is a tutorial to send him a letter! @Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen: I just wonder why registered mail is not accepted? Regular mail could be lost without any notice!

  1. Hi guys, What’s the deal on a movie called “The Bros”? It looks as if maybe it’s just a cameo role or something. JCW is playing the younger version of an older actor. Is this a movie that was filmed years ago and only now being released?

    I’m asking because it seems a bit odd for an actor of JCW’s caliber and fame to play this type of role at this point in his career.

  2. I’m happy to know Wookie’s whereabouts. Thanks to you I know I will have news from our Oppa. Thanks a million.

  3. he’s just naturally handsome so it always shines through! looking good in that army hat! and congrats on the promotion a hard working guy like jcw is naturally going to move up the ranks cause he is such a dedicated hard worker ❤

  4. promotion? did he get promoted or something?
    with or without make up his really good looking.. miss him so much

  5. Gees..does JCW have to look that good in his uniform? Making my heart beat that much faster! 😂 Miss him..

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