[Instagram Update] 3 May 2018

비가 내리다 말다. 우산을 챙길까 말까. TV엔 맑음이라던데…….응??? #폴킴 #비

Is it going to rain or not? Should I bring along an umbrella or not? The TV said the weather will be clear though…….hmmm??? #Paul Kim #rain
Instagram Update #2

비에 젖은 바이크를 닦아봅니다.

Trying to wipe my bike that got wet from the rain.

11 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 3 May 2018

  1. Whitetigercubby, yes our Chang Wook has more than one year to go but I have an idea that he is having a good time while carrying on with his duties. At least he is eating well and I am sure that he has great friends. Wookie knows that his fans are waiting for him. At this time of his life he has a lot to be looking forward. Plus he continues to hold the love of everyone that admires him as a person and actor.

  2. Wonder how many furlough days he has left, how many he will take for birthday, etc. he still has almost 1 yr to go! At least he looks healthy. Hope more friends will visit him at base.

    • I don’t think that Ji Chan Wook appearance is ordinary nor his personality either, as it is said in one of his interviews. I might say that he is a casual person that knows how to portrait himself without any conceit as well as with humility which makes him look more handsome and manly not ordinary. His aura makes him look beautiful specially when he is acting showing his sexuality and strength. Well, this is what I have captured from watching him perform his different roles. I just say that he is awesome. 🤗

  3. Oh! Another question: Is he wearing the mask and sunglasses because of military regulations about promoting and stuff while enlisted? I’ve heard things like that but no clear explanation on the rules.

    • So many questions! 🙂

      1. Our Boy is on a small break, probably around 4 days.
      2. That is not the neighborhood where he lives.
      3. Wook still lives with his mom, and will still be living with her after his discharge.
      4. As a fellow motorcyclist, the mask and sunglasses are to protect Wook’s face whilst on his rides. Since he does not normally wear a full-face helmet (like I do), the mask and sunglasses serve the same purpose.
      5. I doubt he would have posted that last video on IG if he was worried about getting busted for self-promotion. He’s safe. 🙂

      • Thank you, so much, Cherkell!
        Once I get all my errands and chores done today, I plan on watching The Bros. It was on my list to get around to eventually because I like Ma Dong Seok but then I read somewhere (probably here) that JCW had a cameo playing a young Ma Dong Seok (as if! lol) and I’ve moved it to the top of my list. I just have to remember if the movie is in my Netflix queue, Amazon or DramaFever.

  4. Cherkell, I have questions questions questions!

    Is JCW on break from the military?

    Is that the neighborhood where he lives? I just pictured he and his mom would love in a swankier apartment than what’s shown here. (Was his mom living with him (or vice versa) before going to the military?

  5. I am on vacation in Dominican Republic and I am introducing Ji Chan Wook to my friends in Santo Domingo and letting them know what a great actor he is and of course showing his photos to friends that don’t know who he is. Tomorrow we will get together and begin to watch Healer. It will be fun!

    • Anna Sanchez, I’m so jealous. I’ve watched Healer so many times…by myself 😦 After describing some of the shows to family and friends, they seem genuinely interested in Kdrama but then they ultimately ask – “Do they all have subtitles that I’d have to read? ” Americans, in general, don’t like to have to read subtitles. I often hear people turn down their nose at foreign films and say that they consider people who like them and are willing to read subtitles as snooty and pompous. SMH

      • Hello Beez, you are so right about people not liking to read the English titles in movies, well to say the truth that’s one of the problems that some of my Dominican friends will have to face. As long as I am here, we get together and I translate in Spanish to those that can’t read English but once they fall in love with Chan Wook they want to see him again and again even if they don’t understand it fortunately I have many friends that can read English and I am sure that those will continue to follow Wookie on Instagram and watching his kdramas.

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