Happy 32nd Birthday to Ji Chang Wook!

5 July rolls around again, but this year seems quite bittersweet since the main subject of this website is notably absent from public view.  So please join your humble Admins in wishing our newly-promoted Corporal Ji Chang Wook a very Happy 32nd Birthday whilst in the midst of faithfully serving his country until May 2019.

We both were quite stumped this year as how to celebrate with our readers in an appropriate manner.  Not a day goes by where we as his fans wonder how Wook is holding up from day-to-day, if he’s eating properly, and finally getting some decent sleep.  But what if Ji Chang Wook also wonders how his fans are getting through his military service days, thinking of us at the same time we’re thinking of him…

Only 319 days to go!  FIGHTING!

P.S.  And it’s our birthday too!  Happy 4th to Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen!



11 thoughts on “Happy 32nd Birthday to Ji Chang Wook!

  1. I read he will be in Seoul instead of base for the musical, which will tour Korea until end of 2018. Send all mail to Glorious Ent. not to base. Not sure when he returns to base.

  2. HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE KITCHEN AND TO JCW – NO LONGER A PUPPY! (I think 32, for sure 30 in western years, means I can freely have my fantasies now, minus any guilt.)

  3. Happy birthday to JCW and jcwkitchen! It’s been almost a year since he joined the military and not a single day that I’m not thinking about him. Stay safe soldier!!! Your fans loves you and are patiently waiting for you!!! And thank you jcwkitchen for news and updates to our beloved soldier.

  4. Congratulations, Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen! And thank you very much for providing us news and information about our loved one. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Happy Birthday JCW. still waiting……. 10 months to go. Praying he stays healthy, and happy.

  6. Happy 4th Birthday / Anniversary JCW’s Kitchen!
    It’s been great following you and keep track of JCW with your meticulous research and timely news. Thank you for your good and hard work, and being such faithful fans and helping us other fans along. 😄

    • I want to say “Amen!” to all these comments. I often think how thankful I am for JCW’s Kitchen. I never would have known what a dear and lovable person he is. We fans will always be indebted to you.

  7. Happy Birthday to JCW & JCWkitchen! Hoping he celebrated his birthday happily. We shall see if anyone posts on social media about it, Also hopefully he earned more leave days for performing at the national memorial celebration. Everyone stay cool for rest of summer.

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