[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook extends endorsement contract with 24MIRACLE

Has it already been a little over 1 year since 24MIRACLE announced that Ji Chang Wook would be its exclusive endorser for their cosmetic products?  Well, it has and 24MIRACLE is celebrating in grand style!

In tandem with the first anniversary of Ji Chang Wook’s endorsement announcement, 24MIRACLE also revealed that his endorsement contract will be renewed for another 2 years.  So in addition to having Wook grace their internet pages after Wook’s military discharge in May 2019, we will be able to see him promote 24MIRACLE products through the year 2020!  *squeeeee*

In honour of this momentous occasion, 24MIRACLE has announced 3 promotional campaigns tied into Wook’s endorsement anniversary.  The first campaign consists of a multi-item event, where if you purchase 1 single Ampoule Mask and 1 full set of 10 One-Day Masks for ₩69,900 (approximately $62.00 USD), you will receive a randomly-chosen poster of Ji Chang Wook plus a free sample of either Vegitas Cos Carrot Gel Cleanser or Cucumber Foam Cleanser.  (And does anyone understand the irony of giving away carrot-based samples?  Ha ha!)

The purchase link for the first campaign is here:  Ji Chang Wook 24MIRACLE 1st Anniversary 69,900 Event.  You must have a registered GMarket account to purchase; shipping will be based on your delivery country.  Supplies are limited, so don’t delay!

The second 24MIRACLE campaign consists of another multi-item event, where if you purchase of all 4 of their 4 Ampoule Mask varieties, plus a bottle of their Essential Aqua Mist for ₩79,900 (approximately $73.00 USD), you will also receive a random Ji Chang Wook poster plus a sample of the aforementioned Vegitas Cos cleansers.

The purchase link for the second campaign is here:  Ji Chang Wook 24MIRACLE 1st Anniversary 79,900 Event.  As with the first campaign, you must have a registered GMarket account to purchase; shipping will be based on your delivery country.

The third campaign (1+1 Event) has yet to provide international purchase links by 24MIRACLE, so we will update this post as soon as that information is known.  Happy Shopping!

Credit:  24MIRACLE website; 24MIRACLE Instagram


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  1. Yeah, thank you so much for creating this site and putting all your efforts to translate any news related to our talented actor into English! I’m rather a recent admirer of him, watched him for the first time (Healer) in mid June this year. I myself can’t believe it now that I *actually* noticed him in the 7th episode! His acting was superb in Empress Ki. There are many beautiful/handsome actors out there but this guy can act with his eyes alone. His immensely expressive face is what sets him apart and makes him almost irresistible. So, he is first ever celebrity I’m totally obsessed with, haha. Even created an Instagram account just to follow him 😆 He doesn’t rely on his face alone. Well, I think I can write pages listing all the positive things about him and I know all of his fans feel that way. Much impressed with him I decided to finally make an English fan site dedicated to him. That’s when I found this great page and I really love it! And you have been keeping this up since so many years too, yay!🤗 Love you, guys 😊

  2. I really appreciate the efforts taken by people behind this page to reach out to us, Wookie’s fan. You have been humble and thoughtful! I am glad I have something to read in English given the fact that I cannot speak and read in Korean. Whilst we wait, got to read more articles and watch videos until his release date. Lots of love to us Wookies ♥♥♥

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