[Musical] Ji Chang Wook performs for “Shinheung Military School” press call (image heavy)

A performance press conference for the musical “Shinheung Military School” was held today (19 September) at the Theatre Yong in the National Museum of Korea.

Ji Chang Wook said, “While acting, I thought this could be the most difficult character I’ve ever done. I pondered and sought advice on how I should grasp the emotions of Dong Kyu.”

“This character has a lot of inner turmoil. I thought about how I should act in order for him to be a little more relatable to the audience. Though I may be inadequate, I’m performing now with my best effort.”

With regards to him being part of a single cast along with actors Kang Ha Neul and Sung Gyu, he said, “Honestly, it is tiring.” (*Note: Musicals usually have more than 1 set of cast that they rotate around for different performances, but this musical only has 1 set of lead actors so they have to perform in every show.)

He continued, “That’s why I’m working hard to maintain my fitness. There are also many days with 2 rounds of performances. All of us get along well and we even went to get IV injection. We will be fine this week. We will perform in good condition for the rest of the Seoul performances.”

“Shinheung Military School” will have performances staged at Theatre Yong in Seoul’s National Museum of Korea until 22 September.

Credit: Sports Seoul


4 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook performs for “Shinheung Military School” press call (image heavy)

  1. hi… thanks a lot for sharing… i was really missing him… but now i m happy to see him doing well.. waiting to see him back..

    • Thank you for sharing such good news about our Ji Chang Wook. I still miss him very much but now that I know that besides complimenting with his military duties, Chang Wook is also doing what he really loves to do. I am very happy for him

  2. Thank you for sharing…really enjoyed the pictures and videos. Really miss him! I can really tell JCW has put his heart in his performances. He keeps growing professionally. That’s what I enjoy about him. Counting the months…

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