[CF] Dhele opens international purchases for Ji Chang Wook event

We were sure everyone *not* in Korea was waiting with held breath for Dhele (formerly 24MIRACLE) to open up their international shipping so that we could take advantage of their recent event featuring photocards of Ji Chang Wook.  Finally, that day has arrived!

First off, a reminder tutorial on how to set up your GMarket Global account currency and shipping country.

This card shows how to access the Dhele Store to purchase your chosen products.  Make sure to check the International Shipping tab to confirm your country is included!

If you do not have a GMarket Global account already set up, the next step will allow you to do that very thing.

Once you receive an email that your order has been accepted and set up for shipping, you’re done!

The latest Dhele promotion is for the photocards to be distributed according to which type of purchase of the face mask boxes:

The promotion period begins 14 January 2019 at 12:00pm KST, but the Ji Chang Wook photocards will be limited to only the first 100 domestic and 100 overseas purchasers of the face mask sets.

The 5 types of photocards available are the same ones from the online voting that ended 28 December:


So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and good luck!

Credit:  Dhele Instagram