[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook also considering lead role in drama “Let Me Melt”

Hold the phone, everyone!  Nothing is set in stone until Glorious Entertainment makes an official statement one way or the other, but there’s yet another potential lead drama role that Ji Chang Wook is considering. This one sounds just as interesting as the previous role in “City of Stars” being considered, so let’s take a look!

On 23 April, Glorious Entertainment responded to a report that Ji Chang Wook is favorably reviewing “Let Me Melt” / “ 녹여주오(working title) as his potential first project after his military service comes to an end this Saturday, 27 April.  “Let Me Melt” will be a new romantic comedy to air Saturdays and Sundays on cable network tvN and directed by Baek Mi Kyung (“My Love, Eun-dong,” “Woman of Dignity”).

Ji Chang Wook would play the role of Ma Dong Chan, a variety show producer at an entertainment agency, who somehow finds himself in a frozen animated state for 20 years.  Dong-chan is a manly specimen of manhood, who is coldly cool in work and hot in love.  Even after 20 years in a frozen state, after thawing Dong-chan still boasts of an “original man” dignity with perfect physical and handsome features.  Thrown into the mix is a “brother” (who was an X-generation idol at that time) who ends up becoming an eternal “brother” after his own thawing.

“Let Me Melt” will be a heart-warming story about a man and woman who decide to participate in a 24-hour frozen human project who end up thawed out 20 years later due to a mysterious conspiracy.  The man and woman start out resenting each other whilst trying to reverse their lives and find out the side effects of frozen human experiments.  It’s a cool, foul-mouthed comic romance of crisis for the two, who unfortunately discover a side effect of being frozen — the need to keep their average body temperature close to 31.5°C (88.7ºF) in order to survive.  (Normal body temperature is closer to 37ºC/98.6ºF, so that’s quite a step down in order to stay alive!)

“Let Me Melt” is also in the process of casting for other lead and supporting roles.  The drama will be helmed by reknowned producer Shin Woo Chul (“Lovers in Paris,” “Lovers in Prague,” “Secret Garden,”  “Gentleman’s Dignity”), and is scheduled to be a follow-up to “Hotel Del Luna,” which should potentially put it at a late September/early October 2019 premiere.

UPDATE 30 April:  It’s official!  Glorious Entertainment has confirmed today that Ji Chang Wook’s first project after completing his military service will be the tvN drama “Let Me Melt.”

UPDATE 7 May: Actress Won Jin Ah has been offered and is in the “favourably considering” process as the female lead to Ji Chang Wook’s Ma Dong Chan.  Won Jin Ah is known from JTBC’s “Life” and “Just Between Lovers,” and will play the role of a part-timer who joins PD Ma in their 24-hour freezing experiment in exchange for a 5 million won payment.

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8 thoughts on “[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook also considering lead role in drama “Let Me Melt”

  1. Waiting to see Ji Chang Wook in a great drama. He will be great in any drama that he chooses. Thank you for all the information. I really appreciate it.

  2. Ooo Boy! I’ll be happy with either of the two dramas he’s considering. Besides having JCW, both seem sci-fi-y — astronaut or frozen guy. I’m squirming with held in squee-ing!

  3. Wow, it sounds interesting. I hope JCW has time to do all interesting dramas!!! One is romantic comedy and the other is a sci-fi space drama. It’s really difficult to choose. However, I think Wookie may try to avoid action drama for a while. Also “Let Me Melt” has secured a time slot on tvN while “Star City” doesn’t have a broadcast channel yet. Each drama really has its own potential to be a hit drama. I hope JCW can make a right choice! I have a feeling that the lucky star is shining on him this year.

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