3 thoughts on “[Instagram Update 2] 4 May 2019

  1. This photo is cute. Hello Kkoma, happy dog !
    I can’t say that I’m a real fan of Ji Chang Wook (of anybody in fact, I try to keep a cool head for my own sake 🙂 and life style); but I like, trust and support him when needed, and I find that it is awfully nice of JCW to give regular news to his fans, or people who simply follow him on social medias.
    This blog is nice too, kind and moderate.

  2. Ah, he/she is sooo cute. Sure knows how to take photos. Can we have a selfie of Wookie and Kkoma?

    • You can find a few photos on Glorious Entertainment’s official Facebook page, but seems their official website is now broken, and a few of him and dog out and about.

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