[News] Ji Chang Wook returns from Marie Claire photoshoot

Looks like Newsen was the exclusive news outfit to catch Ji Chang Wook as he returned to Seoul via Incheon International Airport on 9 May 2019 from his quick trip to Okinawa, Japan to participate in his first Marie Claire photoshoot since returning to civilian life.

Not looking much the worse for wear on his return trip, Wook went for the ultra-casual look and masked-up in order to keep his lungs healthy and happy in advance of his upcoming fan meeting on 19 May.  Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the Marie Claire June 2019 issue, so look forward to it!

Here’s some more from Incheon!

Credit:  Newsen as watermarked


3 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook returns from Marie Claire photoshoot

  1. He has hair! It couldn’t have grown so quickly since his discharge. How did the fans know when he returned from Japan to wait at airport? Celeb stalking is a skill!

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