[Variety] Ji Chang Wook to appear on variety program “The Fisherman and the City”

In a totally unexpected move, Ji Chang Wook’s first television appearance after his military discharge will be on the Channel A variety program “The Fisherman and the City.”

“The Fisherman and the City” / “나만 믿고 따라와, 도시어부” (aka “City Fisherman”) is a variety show that debuted in September 2017 on cable Channel A (the same channel which broadcast “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” back in 2011-2012), and features emcees Lee Deok Hwa, Lee Kyung Kyu and Jang Do Yeon.  During each episode, they give celebrities who enjoy fishing the opportunity to visit beautiful, secret fishing spots whilst bonding with each other, in addition to having their guest celebrities share useful fishing tips and recipes on how to cook their catch with the viewers.  Previous fishing spots have included Gangwon Province, Jeolla Province, Jeju Island and Gyeongsang Province.

Ji Chang Wook is expected to share his special relationship with Lee Deok Hwa on the broadcast, having appeared as Byun Young Hee (the father figure to Noh Ji Wook) in SBS’s “Suspicious Partner” drama in 2017.

Word is going around that Ji Chang Wook has greatly impressed the people in the field with his unchanged appearance even after attending military service. There is a growing interest in Ji Chang Wook’s fishing skills and unexpected entertainment.  Of course Wook will do well on such a variety show that involves any type of food, given how much he loves to eat! 🙂

“The Fisherman and the City” is broadcast on cable Channel A every Thursday at 11:00pm KST.  The episode featuring Ji Chang Wook has yet to announce an airing date.  Hope it happens soon… we’re already hooked!  🎣

UPDATE 14 MAY: Glorious Entertainment has reported that Ji Chang Wook’s appearances will be featured in Episodes 91 and 92, with their exact airdates to be announced at a later date.  Considering Channel A’s current broadcasting schedule, we estimate that should be either at the end of May or the beginning of June 2019.

Credit:  Sports Chosun; UPI News; MyDaily

5 thoughts on “[Variety] Ji Chang Wook to appear on variety program “The Fisherman and the City”

  1. I had to watch it unsubbed so it wasn’t easy, still cannot find EN version. He did well fishing so now he plans on more shows? He makes facial expressions while fishing. Spoiler: be prepared for their meal on the boat🤢 and the show is almost 2 hours long. He didn’t do so well on Running Man and he said he didn’t want to do that again.

  2. The show is also called City Fishers and I cannot find English subs…yet. He did an interview once where he was asked to cook on the show because he portrayed a cook in Smile Again and he didn’t know how to use a hot plate. Would they cook over campfire or hot plate?

  3. I’m so excited to think that we will be able to enjoy seeing Ji Chang Wook again inside our screens in our homes. I can imagine his recipes to cook fish given the fact that he likes to eat. I appreciate everything you tell us about our Wookie. Thanks

  4. Talk about unexpected. Looking forward to clips with translation. Didn’t know he had an interest in fishing. It is a relaxing sport. Yes, he is “naturally” handsome no matter what hairstyle he wears…great genes!

    • He was in Running Man (a must-see) and China’s Happy Camp variety show. I guess he needs the exposures since he was away for so long. Is the show scripted or spontaneous, reality show? How popular is it if it’s 2 years old? Hope someone will sub it.

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