[Instagram Update] 20 May 2019


오늘 만난 모든 분들께 감사합니다.  그동안 고생하신 스텝및 관계자분들 고생하셨습니다 🙂 –
모두 잘자요 (늦봄 이밤에서 욱디가)

#늦봄이밤 #욱디 #잘자 #또만나요

Thank you to everyone I met today.  Staff and officials, you’ve been through a lot. Thank you for your trouble. 🙂 –
Good night all (In the late spring night DJ Wook)

#The late spring night #DJ Wook #Good night #See you again

One thought on “[Instagram Update] 20 May 2019

  1. Hope the fan meet went well. Will wait for further news on this event. JCW is so thoughtful and grateful to his staff and fans…big reason he is so loved. Does anyone know why he is wearing glasses so much? Is is a prop or was his lasik surgery not successful? Just curious.

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