[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook to participate in new Lotte Duty Free promotions

On 1 July 2019, retailer Lotte Duty Free announced their newest promotional campaign entitled, “Let’s Do Something Fun,” which will strengthen their communications with their customers through fun marketing activities.  As we have already seen through endorser Ji Chang Wook’s Instagram posts, he will be involved in LDF’s various upcoming events.  Check out what LDF has planned over the next few months!

In case you missed it, here’s Ji Chang Wook’s IG post taken during filming of his LDF video.

Lotte Duty Free will kick off their “Let’s Do Something Fun” campaign by broadcasting a total of 9 video episodes, and will be released every two weeks from 2 August 2019 through 22 October 2019.  Current Lotte Duty Free Shop endorsers Ji Chang Wook, Hwang Chi Yeul, TWICE, EXO, BTS, Stray Kids and ITZY will appear directly in these videos, which will be promoting the LDF theme of “Fun.”

LDF’s campaign videos will be broadcast in four languages — Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese —  for people around the world — for people around the world to enjoy together, and will be released simultaneously on a variety of on- and off-line channels, including Lotte Duty Free’s YouTube channel “LDF Yum TV.”  These videos will also be released through LDF’s Facebook account, and major theaters in downtown Seoul.  In commemoration of the launch of the first video, Lotte Duty Free has also prepared various SNS events where customers can participate, such as video-related quiz events, sharing posts and posting events for authentication shots.

The CF campaign for Lotte Duty Free is a Korean-language representation of LDF, the first English-language letters of “Lotte Duty Free,” which has been held since 2017 to reach out to Koreans more easily and friendly.  Starting this year, the company has added English “Let’s Do Something Fun” and Chinese “乐多福, Le Duo Fu” slogans that can be reminiscent of LDF as part of its global expansion and differentiated fund marketing of the “냠” [*the Korean character for nyam / yum] campaign.  Lotte Duty Free is striving to promote Lotte Duty Free and Korean tourism by using its “Yum” CF campaign to showcase various on- and off-line contents.

On 4 May 2019, Lotte Duty Free invited some 60 renowned content influencers from home and abroad to promote its “Yum” campaign in order to communicate with overseas customers through real-time broadcasts, and held a “Global Influencer Fair with Yum” to promote outstanding Korean tourism resources, including the Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival.

In addition, on 12 June Lotte Duty Free launched a new YouTube channel, “Yum TV”, to bolster their online content.  CJ DIA TV, Korea’s number 1 content creation studio, and “Our Yum” content, produced through a joint agreement, are receiving very positive reviews from netizens.

Against the backdrop of Lotte Duty Free Australia’s Brisbane Airport in Australia, the video clip of “Our Yum Australia Brisbane” featuring top Korean fashion influencers “Ssin”, “Haneul” and “S.K. Couple” to promote duty-free products for sale in LDF’s Australia and New Zealand stores, has drawn more than 20 million views as of 24 June, drawing positive responses not only from Korea but also from major SNS channels in China.

Source:  Naver News; Lotte Duty Free website; Lotte Duty Free Facebook