[News] Ji Chang Wook opens YouTube channel for fans

Actor Ji Chang Wook has opened a YouTube channel to interact and share small moments of happiness with his fans.

On 1 September, Ji Chang Wook shared on his Instagram a link along with the caption “I have opened my YouTube channel.”

The actor created a YouTube channel named “Ji Chang Wook.” The first video is entitled “The beginning of Ji Chang Wook’s YouTube,” in which he talks about the reason for setting up a YouTube channel and his anticipated concept.

Ji Chang Wook expressed his hopes that his channel “will be a place to interact with fans. I think that fans and other viewers will have fun watching behind the scenes from the [drama] filmings, so I started this YouTube channel. I have no grand goals, but I hope that everyone will be happy when watching.”

Ji Chang Wook will return to television in the new weekend drama “Melting Me Softly,” to premiere its first episode on 28 September on cable channel tvN.

To subscribe to Ji Chang Wook’s YouTube channel, click this link and sign up here:  Ji Chang Wook YouTube

Credit:  OSEN

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