[Instagram Update] 21 September 2019

날녹여주오 5분 하이라이트으읏!! – #9월28일 #첫방송 #기대 #날녹여주오 #마동찬 #냉동찬

Melting Me Softly 5 minute highlights!! – #28 September #first broadcast #excited #Melting Me Softly #Ma Dong Chan #cold Dong Chan

And here are the other two video teasers posted by Glorious Entertainment today.  All three stitched together comprised the Highlight Reel that was shown at the Press Conference on 20 September 2019.



One thought on “[Instagram Update] 21 September 2019

  1. Enjoying ALL the highlights and photos! I hope this drama has some hilarious moments because I am so ready to LAUGH!!! Just want to hold JCW’s hand and reassure him that all will be well…I guess he is “nervous”.

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