[Instagram Update] 9 October 2019

한글날 입니다. – 그렇다면 저는 어디일까요..? – #한글날 #좋은말 #잠못드는밤 #별헤는밤 #별 #나어디게 #여러분참예뻐요

It’s Hangeul Day. – In that case, where am I..? – #Hangeul Day #good words #sleepless night #starry night #stars #where am I #you are so pretty

*The notepad reads “It’s Hangeul Day. A beautiful day and fun day – Good words. You are really pretty. – Actor Ji Chang Wook –

Hangeul Day (or Korean Alphabet Day) is celebrated every year on 9 October.  The holiday originated in 1926 to celebrate the virtue and achievements of King Sejong the Great (1397-1450) and to announce the creation of Hangul to the world.

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