[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends cast party for “Melting Me Softly”

On the evening of 17 November 2019, the cast and crew of tvN drama “Melting Me Softly” assembled for their wrap party at the Black Pig restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul.  As is the tradition at end-of-drama events, Ji Chang Wook gamely posed for the reporters assembled.

In a short interview after his arrival, Ji Chang Wook told the reporters “I am truly grateful for and thank everyone who loved and supported ‘Melting Me Softly.’  The filming that started in July is over.  There were expectations and regrets as this was my comeback film after my discharge from the military, but I did my best.  I thank Shin Woo Chul, director Choi Ji Young, author Baek Mi Kyung, many staff members, and the senior and junior actors and actresses who were with me.  I  promise to return as a better version of myself in the future.”

The post-drama interviews will arrive in force in a week or so.  We’ll end our post here in anticipation of those reports, and give our congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for completing “Melting Me Softly.”  You did well, Changwook.  You did well.  🙂

Credit:  Donga.com; Osen.com; photos as watermarked