[Event] Ji Chang Wook takes off for the 2019 Asia Artist Awards

On the morning of 26 November, Ji Chang Wook departed from Incheon International Airport in advance of his evening appearance at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards at Mỹ Đình Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam.

As previously reported here, Ji Chang Wook was nominated in the Best Popular Actor category for the 2019 AAA.  Many fans participated in all three rounds of voting, but Wook came up a bit short, finishing 4th out of the final 10 actors.  He will at least get a mention by the hosts as they count down the Top 10 finishers!

Looking resplendent in a long-length Neil Barrett “tiger claw” duster coat ($1,400 USD), Neil Barrett subway printed hoodie ($463 USD), plain black jeans and black & white trainers, Wook met the press as he has consistently done for many years now.

The broadcast begins with the Red Carpet at 6:00pm, and the main program at 7:00pm (local time).  Here’s a small gallery of additional photos taken at Incheon earlier today.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook takes off for the 2019 Asia Artist Awards

  1. Congratulations to Ji Chang Wook! He deserves the recognition. It was quite an experience voting. I really learned about the power of the KPOP fans.

  2. He always wears very interesting fashion. Not overly flashy and ostentatious, but a little different. And they complement him. Not like the weird stuff my other bias So Ji sub sometimes steps out in. lol

  3. Congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for his nomination for best actor category in the AAA 2019. I’m so very happy for him. He must be so proud of himself. I know that he deserves this nomination and much more. Thank you for your information.

  4. Eventhough Chang Wook didn’t get the top spot! He will remain as my number 1 and my only 1 in my heart! Solid! JCW FOREVER here, loyal! ❤️❤️❤️

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