[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook sports CK Calvin Klein for Marie Claire Taiwan

The plot becomes much clearer now!  Ji Chang Wook’s recent photoshoot for CK Calvin Klein will be featured in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire Taiwan!

Ji Chang Wook, who has just announced that he is coming to Taiwan to host a fan meeting, has recently shot CK CALVIN KLEIN’s spring and summer 2020 image advertisements. The new season combines a variety of classic styles and tailoring to show Ji Chang Wook’s handsomeness, decadence, sporty, and other different fashion looks.

In the image advertisement, Ji Chang Wook wore the classic CK CALVIN KLEIN slim and stiff suit, which explained the handsome man’s charm and showed a gentleman style with a long coat. The lambskin suit jacket showed a casual and elegant style, with each photoset wanting to make people take screenshots directly to save to their files.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to handsome and stylish men’s wear, Ji Chang Wook also tried a more casual and casual metropolis style, such as a bright orange perspective nylon jacket with bright-toned casual clothing, showing an avant-garde and fashionable sports style.

The other photos previously released can be found here.  All those who are fortunate enough to attend Wook’s fan meeting in Taiwan, be sure to pick up a copy of the February 2020 Marie Claire while you’re there!

Credit:  Marie Claire Taiwan