[CF] Ji Chang Wook chosen as global model for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein announced on 22 January that it has selected Ji Chang Wook as South Korea’s first global model in line with its young and modern brand image. The 2020 CK Calvin Klein Campaign was also released on this date.

The released photographs shows Ji Chang Wook, who is masculine and sophisticated. Photographs and videos of the 2020 CK Calvin Klein Campaign involving Ji Chang Wook will be released through countries around the world.

Ji Chang Wook, who is loved not only in Korea but also abroad, recently held a fan meeting in Japan and met with over 5,000 fans. He will be hosting Asian fan meeting tours in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Credit:  TenAsia; OSEN

3 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook chosen as global model for Calvin Klein

  1. Any fashion house would choose JCW as a representative model has nothing to lose, only to gain. Everything he puts on looks good, he has not only the body language for modeling but also has an amazing look which makes the photo image more attractive. Good for you JCW, congrats.

  2. So proud of him! JCW looks great in all clothing so CK will be represented well. I hope that he will give the fans in North America the opportunity to meet him in the future.

  3. JCW is a GLOBAL model for CK brand? Wow, I’ll be very excited to visit a Calvin Klein store in my local area. I hope they will have his poster there in Spring and Summer.

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