[News] Ji Chang Wook donates 100 million won to Korean Red Cross to help fight COVID-19

On 26 February, it was reported that Ji Chang Wook had made a donation to the Daegu City branch of the Korean Red Cross organization to assist with fighting the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Daegu Metropolitan area.

“Actor Ji Chang-wook donated 100 million won [approximately $83,000 USD] to the Daegu Red Cross, saying he wanted to be a little help to many struggling citizens,” a source at the Daegu Red Cross reported.  “I have told him that I hope Daegu can regain stability as soon as possible.”

The donation provided by Ji Chang Wook will be used to provide medical aid for the treatment of confirmed patients in Daegu, support for sanitary hygiene products, and aid for citizens who have self-quarantined at their homes.

Ji Chang Wook’s Korean fan cafe Dayrock will also be collecting donations for the Daegu branch of the Korean Red Cross.  Because of the Coronavirus, the economy in the Daegu Metropolitan area and North Gyeongsang Province has basically come to a complete halt due to the massive number of confirmed cases, and the shortage of beds and medical personnel is causing a lot of difficulties throughout the region.

Dayrock members have requested that the fan cafe also make a donation to the Korean Red Cross.  Dayrock’s management hopes that many fans will be interested in working together to overcome the difficulties and participate to help the troubled areas.  If you wish to donate, please do so here:

Donation Period:  1 March through 5 March, 2020
Donation Amount:  Any amount will be appreciated
Deposit Account Number:  KB Kookmin Bank (Hakdong-yeok Branch); #529401-01-221427
Depositor Name:  Lee Heeyoung (Dayrock)

If you are a Dayrock member, after making a deposit, please leave a secret message with your name/contact/donation amount inside the Coronavirus bulletin board under the Supporters’ Participation Board.  If you are not a Dayrock member and would like to make a donation, please leave the same information in our comment section so that we can pass them on to Dayrock after the participation period ends.  (If you are concerned about privacy issues, all comments on Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen are not published until moderated, and any donation comments will not be made public.)

Dayrock will make announcements from time-to-time of the current status of donations.  After 5 March, Dayrock will upload the donation certificate to the Supporters Bulletin Board, and we will report on the final amount thereafter.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Credits:  Dayrock Fan Cafe; Korean Red Cross; MK.co.kr;