[News] Ji Chang Wook joins hands with MIRAL Welfare Foundation

Ji Chang Wook has joined hands with the MIRAL Welfare Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes acceptance for the civil rights of the disabled citizens of Korea, through its campaign entitled “How You See Me?”

MIRAL was founded in 1993 on the basis of the spirit of Christianity, committed to achieving its goals that support social inclusion of persons with disabilities and the most vulnerable people.  Their experts in various fields work on developing and implementing sustainable international development/cooperation programs and domestic welfare programs based on sincerity and expertise.  MIRAL is accredited with a consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC), and serves people regardless of their religion, race, or political ideologies.  It is carrying out various welfare projects for the elderly, children and local communities as well as the disabled through 50 operating facilities in Korea, and is also carrying out international development cooperation projects such as child care, health care and emergency relief in 14 foreign countries.

During his photoshoot and video filming, Ji Chang Wook stated, “Bias, discrimination and cold eyes toward disabled children become high and cold walls surrounding disabled children. I hope by looking at disabled children as they are, they will be able to move away from people’s negative perspectives and grow up bright as they develop their dreams.”  It was noted that Ji Chang Wook participated in the campaign “How You See Me?” by donating his talent fees to the cause.  Not only Ji Chang Wook, but also all the staff members participated in the talent donation, making the filming site of the campaign even warmer.

In advance of the 40th anniversary of Disabled People’s Day on 20 April, a giveaway has been announced to make people aware of how dire the situation is regarding the treatment of disabled persons in Korea.  To take the oath and enter the giveaway, click this link to take you to the MIRAL campaign website.  (You can only enter once per IP address, so please refrain from spamming the site with multiple entries.)

Scroll down until you see the green box that says “서약하기.”  Click that and enter the requested information; make sure to leave a note cheering on Korea’s disabled children.  The box below describes MIRAL’s statement on collecting your personal information to receive emails from them after providing your oath and submitted an entry.  (Entry period ends on 30 May 2020.)

To finalize, check the “서약하기” green box again:

Your entry and taking the oath is successful if you receive this notification:


A video was also produced to introduce Ji Chang Wook’s involvement with the “How You See Me?” campaign:

This is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, as I grew up with a severely disabled older brother and witnessed first-hand how blatantly discriminated he was throughout his short life… and which set me off on a career of political activism thereafter.  My sincere thanks go out to Ji Chang Wook for liaising with the MIRAL Welfare Foundation to publicize how all disabled children and adults must receive better treatment in the world today.  파이팅!  🥰

Credits:  MIRAL Welfare Foundation; Glorious Entertainment

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