[Repost] Invitation to Spring, Welcome Ji Chang Wook ♥

Not to be outdone by the fans in attendance, Glorious Entertainment has posted their own set of photos taken at Ji Chang Wook’s military discharge ceremony, along with a small video recorded right before he walked down the tunnel and into the next stage of his non-military career.

Knock Knock Knock –

Your invitation has arrived
Warm sunshine
A clear sky


With a loving smile

Discharged on 27 April


Pictorials and advertisements

The movie <Fabricated City>

Showed the face of a Rom-Com King
through <Suspicious Partner>

After 2017, when he worked so hard
Spring 2019
Ji Chang Wook is back

To the cheers of many people celebrating the discharge
With a great surprise

Actor Ji Chang Wook’s beauty has not changed since he joined the Army
One more surprise

Thank you for coming so far in the early hours
To the fans and reporters
Greeting Actor Ji Chang Wook

As of 27 April 2019, Sergeant Ji Chang Wook
I have been discharged from military service

A warm return in Spring 2019
Actor Ji Chang Wook
As such
Invitation to Spring has arrived

From Summer 2017 to Spring 2019
You who have been waiting for a long time
We invite you to a precious time that contains each other’s hearts
See you at Blue Square on 19 May ♥

You can also see the warm greetings of actor Ji Chang Wook on video:

[Ji Chang Wook] Discharged from the military on 27 April
(click on CC to view English subs)

The last words of today’s post are…

I will replace it with a poem that goes well with Ji Chang Wook, who has returned as an actor ♥

At a time when the seasons were unknowing
One day, I happened to meet you on the street.
That’s when I realized it.
“Oh, spring has come.”

<Spring, Seo Deok Jun>

Originally posted on 29 April 2019.  Translated from Korean to English by cherkell; there may be slight inaccuracies.  PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION.

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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  1. Wish him the best with his up coming works. And also stay protected from the current virus. Hope his tours will be successful and maybe have some time to land in Hong Kong too.

  2. I can’t believe it has been a year since his discharge. Miss him dearly. Thank goodness we (fans) had practice being without him for long periods of time. Looking forward to his new drama. Who knows how long it will be before we can see his movie or fan meets.

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