[Instagram Update] 25 May 2020

슬슬…🏍 – #mh900e #ducati

Soon soon…🏍 – #mh900e #ducati

*The motorcycle Wook has his eye on Ducati MH900e limited edition retro sport model, of which only 2,000 units were produced from 2001-2002.  This model is classified as a ‘sport’ motorcycle due to its small fairing (windshield) in front and low-profile gas tank.  And I am extremely jealous, because I’ve had my eye on one of these for many years now.  😦


3 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 25 May 2020

  1. Not that I know anything about motorcycles, but that looks DANGEROUS! More dangerous than the usual bike. It seems as if the seat is not lowered, as if wind shear would be pushing against the rider more than usual.

    If he gets it, I hope he’s very, very careful.

    • Hi. Motorcycle owner here. Actually, café marques (as they’re known in biking parlance) are quite safe and sometimes much safer than a regular street or off-road motorcycle. Because of the low handlebar profile, riders sit more forward over the gas tank behind the fairing (windshield), thereby reducing the drag coefficient on both the motorcycle and rider, making it more nimble to maneuver in traffic. I’m sure Wook realizes that he has a classic ‘pocket rocket’ in his stable now, and is riding safe and sane throughout Seoul.

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