[Variety] “Night of Real Entertainment” Ji Chang Wook, romantic eyes and charm (feat. Copychu)

Ji Chang Wook, the strongest man in romance comedy, will appear in SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” programme, which will air on Wednesday, 3 June.

Actor Ji Chang Wook will star as the handsome manager of SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Convenience Store Saet Byeol.”  He even has the modifier “Roco Master” by making women’s hearts flutter with his honey dripping eyes and his sculptural appearance.

Unlike his previous drama roles, Ji said, “My character in this drama is rather sloppy and pathetic.”  The usual perfectionist and cool-looking man said he was actually a little bit like that, and he was rather comfortable acting as such.

Ji Chang Wook revealed his unusual hobbies through “Night of Real Entertainment,” and said he enjoys free-diving in the water without breathing and rides a motorcycle on a sunny day.  In addition to this, he who likes various challenges, said, “I think fans will be happy to see the new images,” and even claimed to be a “Hanbam Manager” himself [“Hanbam” – meaning Midnight – is the diminutive title of the programme].  What was his ability to interview “Copychu” (a recurring musician character on the show played by Korean gagman Choo Dae Yeob)?

Ji Chang Wook, who has shown outstanding singing skills in musicals, drama OSTs, and fan meetings, showed off his singing skills even in the middle of the night.  Rumour has it that he, who is highly empathetic as a famous actor, became more and more absorbed in the lyrics and sang while almost sobbing.  Hanbam Manager Copychu even said he should give his own song to Ji Chang Wook, so his heart-throbbing song will be released through “Night of Real Entertainment.”

Ji Chang Wook, who had a lot of conflicts with his parents before becoming an actor, overcame them and became the best actor for the modifier “Roco King.”  The interview with him, who threatens viewers’ hearts due to his sweetness and fatality, will be available on SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” on Wednesday night at 8:55pm KST.

Note:  This programme will be available within a few days after its broadcast with English subtitles through the VIKI and KOCOWA video portals.

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Credit:  Donga.com

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