[Article] “Backstreet Rookie” Ji Chang Wook in a delicate performance

Ji Chang Wook is a hot topic by delivering a delicate performance.

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who plays convenience store manager Choi Dae Hyun in the popular SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Backstreet Rookie,” has been receiving positive reviews from viewers for his delicate acting ability to portray the character’s situation.

In the 7th and 8th episodes, the story between Dae-hyun (Ji Chang Wook) and Saet-byeol (Kim Yoo Jung), who said she would quit working part-time at the convenience store, was depicted. Dae-hyun is curious about the true heart of Saet-byeol who quit her part-time job, looked back on his text messages with Saet-byeol, and then visited her in person.

Dae-hyun said, “I have to know the real reason so I can let you go.”  Unlike his passive and small appearance in front of Yeon-joo (Han Sun Hwa), Dae-hyun was sincerely worried about Saet-byeol.  Ji Chang Wook delivered Dae-hyun’s emotions through his eyes and voice, warming the hearts of viewers.

In addition, Dae-hyun performed a late-night stakeout for Saet-byeol who was fraudulently cheated out of her house and became engaged in a relentless chase.  Dae-hyun, who claimed to be the guardian of Saet-byeol during her difficult situation, said he would help because he is a man with principles.  Ji Chang Wook expressed Dae-hyun’s feelings of paying attention to Saet-byeol, who unconsciously permeated his daily life, with his delicate acting, making the audience curious about the changes in their relationship in the future.

Ji Chang Wook did not miss bringing laughter to his realistic life performance.  The way he was being attacked by his family, he made viewers laugh by showing his natural and deft acting, such as misunderstanding  when Saet-byeol suddenly appeared as a ghost.

As such, Ji Chang Wook shows a wide spectrum of acting that goes back and forth between realistic and emotional acting.  While portraying his character in such a natural and realistic manner, he is increasing expectations on the small screen with his gripping ability to act in one situation to another.

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Credit:  Newsen.com; BNT.com; all photos courtesy SBS

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  1. Thanks to JCW for choosing a role that is diagonally opposite of that in healer and K2, an action hero. .I love this side of him too…pure & innocent, nerdish & clueless always muttering to himself. Like his comic expression too, so funny. The BEST scene of him in “Backstreet Rookie” so far was his silent tears when staring at the Han river…..No words needed, pure heartfelt sadness expressed through his eyes…just superb!!

  2. I wish that Back Street Rookie could be shown in Netflix, I think I would have to wait. Thanks for all the information regarding the drama.

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