[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won in consideration for new ‘urban couple’ web drama

As reported on 27 July, Glorious Entertainment announced that Ji Chang Wook is ‘positively considering’ joining the cast for the first season of upcoming KakaoTV web drama “City Couple Way of Love” (working title) along with actress Kim Ji Won (“Arthdal Chronicals” “Fight My Way”), who has also received the offer and is reviewing the same.

UPDATE 21 September:  It has been confirmed by the actors’ respective agencies that Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won have accepted the roles in “City Couple Way of Love” (working title).  Ji Chang Wook will play the role of Park Jae Won, an honest and passionate architect.  He is a romantic man who loves urban settings and a hot man whose hobby is “collecting hobbies.”  (Sounds like foreshadowing from Wook’s latest YouTube Vlog!)  After a woman steals his heart one summer night and disappears, Jae Won is unable to put her out of his mind.

Kim Ji Won is cast as Lee Eun Oh, a freelance marketer and ordinary woman who falls in love with Park Jae Won while putting on a false identity as free-spirited Yoon Sun An.  She suddenly disappears, leaving Jae Won bereft wondering where she went.  Kim Ji Won is expected to depict Lee Eun Oh’s dynamic changes in detail.

“City Couple Way of Love” will be a 12-episode web drama consisting of 25-30 minutes each and broadcast on the KakaoM TV application.  As viewers are gravitating more to watching television programming on their mobile devices, KakaoTV has seen an increase in its viewership numbers after recently hosting several major live events and drama press conferences.  Other over-the-air channels are also currently in discussions to broadcast the drama.

Promoted as a “love story filled with urban sensibilities,” this new drama will be directed by Park Shin Woo (currently the PD-nim of currently-airing drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and also known for “Jealously Incarnate”).  The script will be written by Jung Hyun Jung (“I Need Romance” “Discovery of Love”), along with co-writer Jung Da Yeon.

“City Couple Way of Love” will be produced as an open-ended omnibus drama, consisting of several seasons with rotating cast members.  By accepting these lead roles, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won will be headlining the first season’s broadcast.  A KakaoM TV representative reports that “each episode ending will make you curious about the next episode.  However, each episode effectively secures the point of emotional explosion maintaining the connection of the stories.”

Filming is expected to begin in early October 2020, with a tentative release date sometime in November 2020.

As this is a developing story, updates will follow when announced.

Credits:  joongang.co.kr; mydaily.com; mk.co.kr

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