[Drama] Ji Chang Wook succeeds with a ‘mild taste’ character

Actor Ji Chang Wook of “Convenience Store Saet Byeol,” who showed the essence of Comic Romance, expressed his thoughts on ending the show.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” which ended on 8 August, Ji Chang Wook gave laughter and emotion to the weekend’s summer home theater by playing the role of convenience store manager Choi Dae Hyun.

On the final episode, Choi Dae Hyun quit as an advisor to the headquarters and returned as the head of the Jongno Shinsung branch to wait for Saet-byeol (Kim Yoo Jung).  His decision to return was based on his feelings towards his family and Saet-byeol, “Why can’t I live like mom and dad, even if you fight all the time?  We still take care of each other.  I believe that is true happiness and something more worthy.”  Dae-hyun and Saet-byeol then reunited, drawing a happy ending.

In “Convenience Store Saet Byeol,” which ended with two people sharing their dreams, Ji Chang Wook received positive reviews for his passionate performance that conveyed happy laughter and warm emotions.  Ji Chang Wook transformed himself into a “mild taste” character that has never been seen before, and once again captivated viewers with this new character.

He played the character with a variety of charms in each episode with his natural life, sometimes sloppy, comic acting, and sometimes adult yet friendly heartthrob romance acting.  In particular, his delicate emotional acting, which varied from situation to situation, not only increased his immersion in the drama, but also proved a limitless acting spectrum.

Through a statement released by his agency, Ji Chang Wook said, “It was a work where I laughed a lot and filmed diligently,” adding, “The convenience store set was very friendly, and thanks to the people who were with me, I finished it happily and pleasantly. Thank you for watching.”

Meanwhile, “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” topped the mini-series ratings for eight consecutive weeks from its first broadcast, also topped the first half of the global OTT platform iQIYI’s drama broadcasts, breaking its own highest ratings in the final episode and achieving a successful conclusion.

Note:  This post combines content from several news reports released on 10 August; we refer to the drama’s original Korean title throughout.

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook succeeds with a ‘mild taste’ character

  1. “Backstreet Rookie” is a delightful Romcom, made so by an altogether strong cast. Ji Chang Wook is a joy to watch in any genre. My question is: When is this series coming to Viki.com or Netflix (English subs)? I’d watch it again — and again!

  2. “Backstreet Rookie “- Slides of oldies but goodies. A simple story but so much fun and laughter while weaving a touching tale about everyday life .

    Thank you Backstreet Rookie for providing us the fun, entertainment , the roller coaster emotions, plus tons of moral lessons. Loved the family bond moments and friendship between characters. I’m gonna miss this drama because I’ve grown attached to Daehyun and Saet-byul.

    Thanks you Ji Chang Wook for accepting and portraying Choi Daehyun and let us meet this loveable character of yours. Daehyun is your regular uncool guy who struggles to live life. He is pure & kind, selfless, has a great personality, big heart, but somewhat slow, sloppy and passive in nature. And yet JCW’s ability to indulge himself into this character is incredible and applaudible. I love this side of him…so sweet, a bit naive, nerdish & clueless always muttering to himself. JCW is phenomenal and his acting is just beyond words. He never failed to amaze us delivering different emotions effortlessly.

    There so so many emotional scenes of him in BR that I love so much, for example:

    “What’s wrong with living like you? You always tell me not to live like you. But I want to live like you. You always bicker with each other and have your ups and downs , but you care about each other, and can’t live without each other. I believe that’s happiness, and something more worthy”

    When JCW talked this out with his parents in the last episode with teary-eyed, he moved me to tears. It was absolutely beautiful.

    In ep. 6 DH/JCW was staring at the Han river with silent tears , how his eyes conveyed his sadness…..in ep.10 the scene at the beach..he was drunk, funny and heartbroken at the same time and he expressed effortlessly. Another one: in front of yoonjoo’s house the expression of being betrayed by the one he loved..just wow!!! Not to mentioned many funny scenes, he has great comic timing. He just nailed it all. Now “Choi Daehyun ” has become my top 3 favourite character role by JCW.

    Those who criticized it and stopped watching are just missing a great show, in my opinion!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this news. In the U.S.A. we get little news of Ji Chang Wook – such a marVelous actor!

  4. It was indeed a light role full of laughter, friendship, love for work, family, friends and discovery of the relatable yet simple meaning of happiness. Ji Chang Wook worked hard to show another side of him and for a simple role like “Back Street Rookie” there is no question that he is not only a charming actor but a real good one.

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