[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook “I feel comfortable in my 30s”

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who once again proved his acting skills and charm through the drama “Convenience Store Saet Byeol,” unveiled a pictorial with NewBIN AR, Korea’s first augmented reality magazine.

NewBIN AR Magazine is a digital pop-up book that introduces augmented reality (AR) technology, which overlaps virtual images in three dimensions with real-life images in two dimensions and shows them as a single image.  NewBIN AR further enhanced its quality through drawing a collaboration with artist Bae Soo Kyung (who previously hosted individual exhibitions such as “Dreaming,” “In the Grass” and “Mountain Fish”) for the pictorial work with Ji Chang Wook.

Under the theme of “My City Travels,” the pictorial was filmed in old downtown alleys of Seoul, including Myeongdong and Eulji-ro. Ji Chang Wook caught the eye with his visuals as if we were watching a noir movie.  In particular, Ji Chang Wook completed the concept by conducting a thorough research on the materials from the pre-meeting, as well as preparing the vintage classic car himself, creating a perfect work with a high understanding of pictorials and activeness.

In an interview that followed the pictorial, Ji candidly talked about his change as an actor in his 30s compared to his 20s.  “When I was in my 20s, I was in a hurry, but now I’m definitely comfortable,” he said.  Furthermore, he showed his passion for work, saying, “These days, even though the speed is faster, I want to show you work through various content channels.”

He also expressed his feelings towards fans through online content, saying, “I want to get closer to my fans.”   He also revealed his stronger view of acting, saying, “There will be people who like it if I show what I like and do it well, rather than trying to satisfy everyone.”

NewBIN AR, who planned and produced Ji Chang Wook’s augmented reality magazine, said, “Ji Chang Wook’s professional image that does his best to the end, such as carefully checking the narration recording even after the photoshoot, impressed me throughout the process.  You will fall in love with Ji Chang Wook’s unique charm.”

Credit:  Sports Donga; photos courtesy Studio NewBIN

3 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook “I feel comfortable in my 30s”

  1. Ditto @ Michi. JCW wants to continue to grow as an actor…his love and profession. It seems that JCW is at a point in his life that he is spreading his wings and wants to soar. He deserves the opportunity to do so. Looking forward to his future projects.

  2. FINALLY, good idea. Showing the real talent of his acting performance instead of trying to please some number of fans.
    He can Even try different aspects of filming such as producing dramas.
    I can hardly wait to see what’s comíng.

  3. It’s good that JCW chooses to do what he likes rather satisfying other people. If he knows what his strength is and focuses on it, I’m sure he will be successful in whatever he does.

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