[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won attend “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love” first script reading

Upcoming drama “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love” burst into excitement from the first script reading with a ‘fresh’ synergy.

Kakao TV’s original drama “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love”* (written by Jung Hyun Jung and Jung Da Yeon; directed by Park Shin Woo), which is scheduled to be released in December, depicts the real love story of young people who live fiercely with another persona inside the complex city.  The first story of “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love,” which will be produced in a seasonal fashion, will open its doors under the subtitle “My Lovely Camera Thief.”  City men and women who dream of “Another Me” and enjoy the escape of purity in search of happiness and love. It will inspire a “true” love story of those who know how to confront their lives more honestly and actively than anyone else.

Director Park Shin Woo, who directed “Psycho, But It’s Okay” and “Jealousy Incarnate,” and writer Jung Hyun Jung, who wrote “I Need Romance,” “Discovery of Love,” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book,” as well as Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won, Kim Min Seok, Ryu Kyung Soo and So Joo Yeon attended the script reading session to work together.  On top of the lines that stimulated empathy, the enthusiastic performances of the trusted actors were added to raise expectations.

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won, who showed perfect chemistry from the first meeting, showed the true value of ‘exciting craftsmen.’  First of all, Ji Chang Wook, who plays passionate architect Park Jae Won, gave a thrill with his ever-changing acting.  Park Jae Won is an honest and passionate romanticist who knows how to love.  A person who can’t forget the “camera thief” who took his heart a year ago and disappeared like a midsummer night’s dream.  Ji Chang Wook doubled hot and pure Park Jae Won’s charm with the acting that was full of realism and stood out with his own color, and drew admiration for Ji Chang Wook.

Kim Ji Won’s Lee Eun Oh, a confident and lovely freelance marketer who says what she has to say, has increased her sense of immersion.  Lee Eun Oh, the main character, is an ordinary woman, but the rich character is Yoon Sun Ah, a free soul with a slightly crazy side to her.  Lee Eun Oh falls in love with Park Jae Won as a different person in a strange place where she left on impulse.  Kim Ji Won captivated the reading by dynamically digesting Lee Eun Oh’s colorful charm.  The acting that brought liveliness to a single line of speech and a single laughter heralded another renewal of ‘life.’

Above all, the chemistry of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won was perfect.  The two actors’ passionate performances that filled the room with romantic energy caught the eye.  The synergy that creates a sweet atmosphere amplified the anticipation for the drama even though it was struggling.  In particular, the acting breath of two people who exchanged emotional and realistic lines unique to writer Jung Hyun Jung maximized the excitement.

The energy of actors who will create another romance line also shined.  Kim Min Seok is cynical in the world, but he skillfully unveiled Choi Gyeong Jun, a romantic lover for any woman.  The romance between Choi Kyung-jun and Seo Rin (played by So Joo Yeon), who are long-time lovers, also stimulates anticipation.  So Joo Yeon takes on the role of ‘4D Seo-rin’ and showed a bouncing charm.  In addition to the chemistry shown with Kim Min Seok, she added vitality with a weird and adorable aspect.  Ryu Kyung Soo, who plays the role of Kang Geon, a man who chose to remain voluntarily single, drew attention with his personality full of acting.

Meanwhile, original drama “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love” will be released on Kakao TV in December.

Credit:  OSEN; HobbyEN; JoyNews24; KakaoTV YouTube

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