[News] Ji Chang Wook’s overseas fans celebrate “Lovestruck in the City” with a 15 million Won donation

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is proud to announce its partnership with the newly-formed Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance (“JCW GFA”), comprised of 15 Ji Chang Wook fan clubs from 22 countries.  For its first fundraising campaign, the JCW GFA is participating in the Miral Welfare Foundation’s “Good Virtue Series Fan Donation Challenge.”

JCW GFA’s generous donation was made to the Miral Welfare Foundation, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) which Ji Chang Wook is currently supporting to improve awareness of the disabled beginning in April 2020.  (We wrote about his charatible works with Miral here.)  15,000,000 won (approximately $14,000 USD) was collected by the JCW GFA to join actor Ji Chang Wook’s ongoing commitment to philanthropy and to support his upcoming drama “Lovestruck in the City,” which will be broadcast worldwide simultaneously on Kakao TV and Netflix on 22 December 2020.

Hong Jeong Gil, Chairman of the Miral Welfare Foundation, announced on Monday, 21 December that actor Ji Chang Wook’s Global Fandom Alliance delivered 15,000,000 Won in donations to celebrate the release of Kakao TV drama “Lovestruck in the City,” starring Ji Chang Wook.

The Miral Welfare Foundation, chosen by fans for the donation, is Korea’s representative welfare agency for the disabled, which formed a relationship with Ji Chang Wook this past April.  Ji Chang Wook donated his talent for the “How You See Me?” campaign by the Miral Welfare Foundation on 20 April to stop discrimination and prejudice toward children with disabilities.  Ji Chang Wook’s involvement in the “How You See Me” campaign has brought steady donations to the Miral Welfare Foundation from his fans participating to join him.  The JCW GFA donations will be used for children with disabilities in low-income families who are in urgent need of support such as medical and living expenses through the Miral Welfare Foundation.

“Although the world is in a difficult situation due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Ji Chang Wook fans from all over the world believe that even a small but true and sincere effort can be of great help,” and “in the future we will continue to follow actor Ji Chang Wook’s good influence to bring hope to the community,” said an official of the Global Fandom Alliance.

An official from the Miral Welfare Foundation said, “As COVID-19 is prolonged, the situation for disabled children and the vulnerable is becoming more difficult and the generosity and warmth shared by the Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance in the midst of this is much appreciated. The Miral Welfare Foundation is also cheering for the successful airing of actor Ji Chang Wook’s ‘Lovestruck in the City’.”

The JCW Global Fandom Alliance supported Ji Chang Wook’s drama “Lovestruck in the City” with a donation for children with disabilities.  The precious donations from 15 overseas fandoms in 22 countries around the world will be used for children with disabilities in desperate need.  I’d like to sincerely thank actor Ji Chang Wook and fans for always practicing charitable giving and using their influence to do good.

The Miral Welfare Foundation was established in 1993 with the aim of “complete social integration of the disabled,” and operates customized welfare programs for the disabled, including special schools for children with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation facilities for the disabled, and joint living facilities for the disabled.  Through 48 operating facilities in Korea, various welfare projects for the elderly, children, and communities are carried out, and 14 foreign countries are currently carrying out international development cooperation projects such as child care, health care, and emergency relief.

The JCW GFA plans on additional significant projects to support Ji Chang Wook and make the world a better place.  If you are a fan club interested in supporting Ji Chang Wook in tandem with the Alliance’s future projects, please contact jcwglobalfandomalliance@gmail.com for membership consideration.

Credits:  StarNews; JTBC; MK.co.kr; Sports Donga; Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance Instagram 

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  1. this is just awesome that so many people are supporting him in his very important works in charities! just one of the things about him that i love!

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