[Drama] Ji Chang Wook as the ex-boyfriend who made viewers cry in ‘Lovestruck in the City’

The viewers also cried at Ji Chang Wook’s acting, who poured out his emotions on the reunion with his separated lover.

The reunion of Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and Lee Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) was included in the 8th episode of Kakao TV’s original drama “Lovestruck in the City” (writers Jung Hyun Jung and Jung Da Yeon, director Park Shin-woo), was released on the 15th.

Park Jae Won kept waiting over a year for Lee Eun Oh – who he knew as Yoon Seon Ah – who suddenly disappeared after agreeing to meet at Cheonggyecheon Stream.  On a snowy day, Lee Eun Oh appeared in front of Park Jae Won, who was drunk, and the two reunited.

Park Jae Won, who finally met Lee Eun Oh, and misunderstood her appearance as one of his dreams of longing.  He shed tears as he faced Lee Eun Oh and confessed his story.  When Lee Eun Oh asked him to forget about her, he said, “How can I forget you?” and grabbed her, saying, “Don’t go.”  The sorrow of Park Jae Won, who has not forgotten Lee Eun Oh, who still remains in his mind like the wedding ring still on his hand, moved viewers’ hearts.

The emotions of Park Jae Won, which Ji Chang Wook desperately portrayed, resonated with the viewers.  Even while talking about waiting for her became a daily occurrence, he asked questions with his eyes full of tears and sad expressions, asking, “Do you live well?  Really?”

“I’m getting ruined every day.  Why didn’t you contact me? You’re going to disappear again. Don’t go,” he said, shedding tears of sadness over the pain of parting again.  Ji Chang Wook’s sorrowful and desperate tears dominated the scene, immersing viewers into Park Jae Won’s story.

As such, Ji Chang Wook demonstrated his solid acting ability by portraying the character’s narrative in depth and delicacy with his outstanding emotional performance.  “Lovestruck in the City,” which confirms Ji Chang Wook’s potential as a “believable actor,” will be unveiled every Tuesday and Friday at 5:00pm on Kakao TV and 7:00pm on Netflix.

Credit:  OSEN; Kyunghyang.com; screencaps by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen 

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  1. He is the best actor in Korea. I hope next time there will be an award that criteria is 50 %audience and 50% acting skills. I’m talking as a critique and a fan.

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