[Event] Ji Chang Wook resumes his DJ persona for “Last Winter, First Wish” fan meeting

The teaser for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming On-Tact Live Fan Meeting has been released!

On 7 February, Ji Chang Wook posted on his Instagram “#Jichangwook Shall we meet on 20 February at 6:00pm?”  “Last Winter, First Wish” will be broadcast on Saturday, 20 February at 6:00pm via Ji Chang Wook’s official YouTube Channel.

The video shows Ji Chang Wook listening to music whilst turning the dials on an old radio.  “I am DJ Ji Chang Wook.  Did you have a good time this past winter?  What type of year are you preparing for?  I’ll send you a signal.  Shall we meet on 20 February?” Ji Chang Wook’s narration raised expectations for the live performance.

“Lovestruck In The City,” starring Ji Chang Wook, will be shown on KakaoTV every Tuesday and Friday at 5:00pm (KST) and will be available on Netflix from 7:00pm (KST).

Update 9 February:  In order for Ji Chang Wook to better interact with his fans, Glorious Entertainment has set up a way to do so!  Follow the instructions in the photos below, and remember to send 3 separate emails – 1 email for the ‘Where Do I Go’ subject corner; 1 email for the ‘DJ Wook Interview’ subject corner; and 1 email for the ‘2021 Your Wish’ subject corner.  Any attempts to send more than 1 email per subject corner will be removed, so please keep these rules in mind.  Emails in English will be accepted and translated for Wook to read and respond.  Good luck to all who enter!



Note:  This event will be free to the public through Ji Chang Wook’s YouTube Channel:  Ji Chang Wook YouTube Channel

Credits:  Korepo.com; Glorious Entertainment Instagram; Ji Chang Wook Instagram

4 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook resumes his DJ persona for “Last Winter, First Wish” fan meeting

  1. I missed “Last Winter, First Wish” – Where can I see it – I have looked but can only find a couple of minutes of it replayed.

    • Glorious Entertainment removed the broadcast from the channel, we assume to work on the subs and do some judicious editing. It has yet to be reuploaded, even after requests from many fans. We continue to monitor the situation and will report back once news arrives!

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