[Drama] Ji Chang Wook confirms role in Netflix drama “Annarasumanara”

In the world’s worst-kept secret, on 15 April 2021, Netflix Korea announced confirmation of Ji Chang Wook’s casting in its upcoming ‘sentimental music drama’ “Annarasumanara” via an Instagram photo showing the three main characters. (Note: The drama will also be known by the English title “The Sound of Magic.”)

Photo courtesy of Netflix Korea, taken at the first script reading on 30 March 2021.

“Do you believe in magic?”  An encounter between a girl who has grown up too early and a mysterious magician who wants to remain a child, the Netflix Korea original series “Annarasumanara” (안나라수마나라) invites you to the world of fantasy. As we originally posted back in December 2020, the high-profile cast, which was announced along with the confirmation of the production, is raising expectations.

Lee Eul, as shown in the original webtoon.

Hallyu star Ji Chang Wook, who has fascinated Asia with various genres and characters, is playing the role of Lee Eul, a mysterious magician living in an abandoned amusement park, heralding a new life character. Expectations are high for Ji Chang Wook, who will show Lee Eul’s unexpected life with both innocent charm and cold charisma, as well as the beautiful visuals that seem to have penetrated the webtoon.

Yoon-i, as shown in the original webtoon.

Choi Sung Eun was chosen to play the role of high school student Yoon Ah Yi, who will work with Lee Eul at the amusement park. Choi Sung Eun, a rookie actress who has captivated viewers with her acting, is drawing attention to how she will portray Yoon Ah Yi, who meets Lee Eul and goes through unbelievable things while also living in a difficult reality.

Na-il, as shown in the original webtoon.

In the role of Yoon-I’s classmate, Na Il Deung, newcomer Hwang In Yeop, a power rookie who is showing the ability to navigate life from extreme ends, has been cast. Hwang In Yeop plans to capture various images of Na-il, a talented student who cannot communicate with others and focuses instead on studying, eventually opening his eyes to the fun of magic while interacting with Lee Eul and Yoon Ah Yi.

Based on the wildly popular webtoon, “Annarasumanara” is written by Ha Il Kwon, who received explosive responses with his debut webtoon “Sambong Barbershop” (3 books published by Sodam Publishing, online by Blue Webtoon, and serialized by Naver in 2012, about a barber who cures people’s trauma with their own wounds), which won Ha Il Kwon a 2008 Korea Cartoon Award. Ha Il Kwon is also widely loved for his emotional paintings and meticulous composition through the webtoons “God of Bath” and “After School War Activities.” Ha Il Kwon’s “Annarasumanara,” which drew the emotions and worries of a teenage girl realistically but gained popularity with its unique charm by adding a fantastic element of magic, was serialized as a Naver webtoon from 2010 to 2011, and has also been adapted as a play.

Director Kim Sung Yoon, who has been recognized for his delicate directing skills on KBS 2TV’s “Love In The Moonlight” and JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” will direct “Annarasumanara.” Kim Min Jung, who previously worked with PD Kim Sung Yoon on “Love In The Moonlight” and “Who Are You-School 2015,” is drawing more expectations as the screenplay writer.

Fans are already paying keen attention to “Annarasumanara,” which will be reborn by merging the delicate sensitivity, fantastic magic, and beautiful elements of music in this new original work by the director and writer who showed great synergy in their previous works.

“Annarasumanara,” which will invite viewers to the fantasy world, will be produced by JTBC Studios and Zium Content, and released exclusively only through Netflix to 190 countries around the world.

Note: Netflix has yet to release the number of episodes or any release date for “Annarasumarana.” We will update this post as details arrive.

Credits: Netflix Korea Instagram; OSEN.com; Wikitree.co.kr; HankookIlbo.co.kr

Photos: Netflix Korea; Naver Webtoons

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