[Movie] Ji Chang Wook – ‘a different appearance than before’ in “Restricted Call”

Director Kim Chang Joo explained why he cast Ji Chang Wook as a blackmailer in the movie “Restricted Call.”

On 20 May 2021, an online production report on the movie “Restricted Call” (directed by Kim Chang Joo) was held.  Actors Jo Woo Jin and Lee Jae In, and director Kim Chang Joo attended the event.  (*Note:  Actors Ji Chang Wook and Ji Kyung did not attend this press conference.)

“Restricted Call” is a story about the head of a bank center falling into a crisis on the morning of his way to school when he receives a phone call that says, “The bomb explodes as soon as he gets out of the car.”

Ji Chang Wook plays the role of raising the tension in the film by taking the role of Jin-woo, the blackmailer in the movie.  “This movie is not only thrilling but also an intense horror experience,” said director Kim Chang Joo. “Bombs are based on death,” he explained. “The fear that comes from it is felt by the people who act, the people who make it, the people who watch it.  I wanted the audience to finally experience it at the theater until the end.”

Subsequently, the reason for casting Ji Chang Wook was “Jin-woo is a blackmailer.  He is a character that conveys fear with his voice.  I had to be able to express a tremendous sense of fear.  I needed a deep voice.”  In addition, Director Kim said, “Aren’t actor Ji Chang Wook eyes big?  As you can see when he appears in the movie, you will feel the depth of the story in those eyes.”

In response, Jo Woo Jin said, “I will be able to see Ji Chang Wook’s appearance that I have not seen before.”  “Restricted Call” is to be released in June 2021.

Credit:  Sports Seoul; TenAsia

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  1. Finally a challenging and different role I’m sure he’ll be a success.I can’t wait.

  2. I am ready to see this drama. It sounds like a totally different character for Ji Chang Wook!!

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