[Article] Korean Dramas and Movies: Shocked! Did you really drink and act? Summary of popular handsome Korean actors ♡

“Drunken scenes” almost always appear in Korean dramas and movies.  Most of the actors pretend to be drunk and act, but rarely do they really drink and shoot.  “Actually, I might have been really drunk filming that scene!”  We introduce behind-the-scenes episodes based on interviews and making-of videos! (Unrelated content has been removed.)


Finally, Ji Chang Wook, the ratings prince!  Drunken scenes from "Lovestruck In The City"!?!

Ji Chang Wook has appeared in many romance dramas since he was discharged from the army.  In 2021, he plans to try fantasy works in the original NETFLIX series “Annarasumanara,” and the movie “Restricted Call” has already been released, so he is a very active Hallyu star.  He’s one of the best kissers, and his kiss scene that is bound to make hearts flutter captivates all generations of girls!  The well-trained body is also wonderful.  He revealed that he actually drank alcohol and filmed it in the drama “Lovestruck In The City.”

This is a unique work that takes the form of an interview and looks at a modern love affair between a man and a woman.  [LITC] is only 30 minutes per episode, and episodes were distributed simultaneously on NETFLIX, which became a hot topic.  At Ji Chang Wook’s “Last Winter, First Wish” fan meeting, fans asked him about the drunk scene in the drama, “You didn’t shoot it because you were really drunk, did you?”  Ji Chang Wook said, “I filmed [that scene] in two days.  On the first day, I filmed without drinking, and the next day, I actually drank and filmed.  It was the first time I had drank and filmed in such a situation.  It was fun!  However, the scene where I filmed it without drinking was the one adopted (laughs).”

I don’t think Ji Chang Wook needed the power of alcohol in this scene!  It is sad that the actual drunk scene has not been released yet, but it’s a precious behind-the-scenes story that he revealed that he drank for the first time!

You can see Ji Chang Wook’s comments in Part 1 of his “Last Winter, First Wish” fan meeting video below (starting at time-stamp 10:22)!

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