[Variety] Ji Chang Wook to appear on tvN’s “House on Wheels – Season 3”

On 24 November, various news portals reported that Ji Chang Wook and fellow actor Jung Hae In (“Prison Playbook” “D.P.”) had completed their filming on tvN’s entertainment programme “House on Wheels – Season 3.”

“House on Wheels” is a variety show that portrays guests traveling to various locations in Korea via a “portable home” (mirroring Ji Chang Wook’s travels in his YouTube channel series “I’m A Slacker”), while bringing along people who are special to them (such as friends or family) to spend a night or two together. The hosts, actors and their guests are filmed having a conversation in the “front yards” of the various locations where they camp for the evening.

The hosts for Season 3 of “House on Wheels” will be Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and Gong Myung. Locations in Korea visited in prior seasons of “House on Wheels” were the Mount Cheonma Pine Tree Forest in Namyangju (Gyeonggi Province), the top of Mount Jiri, and Seonheul-ri’s Virgin Forest on Jeju Island. Most recently in October 2021, the programme had a visit to the Wollyu-bong mountain range in Yeongdong County.


If you were thinking this casting was rather random, both actors have history with the current hosts. Jung Hae In starred in tvN’s “Prison Playbook” with Sung Dong Il and the film “The King’s Case Note” with Kim Hee Won. Ji Chang Wook will be starring with Sung Dong Il in the upcoming drama “Tell Me Your Wish,” which is on schedule to be broadcast in early 2022. Viewers are looking forward to seeing the chemistry of both actors on “House on Wheels.”

Having already starred in the hit dramas “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” and “D.P.,” Jung Hae In is currently gearing up for the premiere of his long-awaited drama “Snowdrop.” Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook has recently finishing filming for Netflix’s highly-anticipated new series “The Sound of Magic.”

“House on Wheels – Season 3” airs every Thursday at 8:40pm KST on cable station tvN.

Credits: SPOTV24; Newsen; Korea Tourism Association

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