[Interview] Ji Chang Wook for éclat Magazine: “Exclusive Interview – 1 Question, 1 Answer [Part 2]”

4dda407ce03e9b921f202f9afd45545a_1819x2728_hWhat is Ji Chang Wook’s unexpected real face?

Star actor Ji Chang Wook, who appears in the April issue of éclat.  Continuing from the first half, we dig deeper into the charm of our Healer and invincible entertainer, through an exclusive long interview with undisclosed photos!

[Note: We refer to dramas and movies mentioned herein by their Japanese titles.]

éclat:  What kind of people do you find attractive?  Is there a human image you want to be?
JCW:  Is it a person who feels comfortable with me?  It will be easier for me to get closer.  The person I want to be is someone who doesn’t bother others.

éclat is a women’s fashion magazine for people in their 40s and 50s.  Changwook, what kind of 40s and 50s do you want to live in?
I hope I have more time than now.  In terms of time.  I’ve been working without a break, but when I’m in my 40s and 50s, I’d rather spend my personal time than appearing in the work.

How do you spend your off days?
I’ve been exercising lately.  I wake up in the morning and exercise … Sometimes I meet my friends and go to a café.  Well, I don’t think I’ve done anything special on off days.

What do you want to do next time you have a day off?
I want to exercise, eat delicious food, and spend time like that.

What do you think is delicious?
I think it depends on the situation and mood, but I like snacks (referring to simple light meals in Korea).  Especially tteokbokki [rice cake in spicy sauce]!

You don’t have the image of eating a lot, but…
No, I eat a lot.  I’m a big eater.

What’s the happiest or most enjoyable thing you’ve had lately?
It’s a very trivial matter. Yesterday, I met my friend for the first time in a while, and that made me happy.

Happiness is in you, depending on how you feel.
I agree. For example, when you run and win second place, some people feel unhappy, while others feel happy that I’m second place. It depends on the person.

7b953d0e0f334dc077e98ce691d686e4_1819x2728_hHave you ever started anything new due to the Corona disaster?
The new thing I started is golf? I started because I had nothing to do, but it’s not that interesting (laughs).

I sometimes go with my friends when I really have nothing to do. I haven’t changed that much from this Corona disaster. I’ve been filming for a long time. But I always pray that there will be no Corona infection on the set. Other than that, there’s nothing special I can do.

What kind of time do you value?
These days, it’s time in the car from waking up at home to going to the filming site.  That’s the beginning of the day, and it’s the most important time to get into shape so that you can work hard on the shooting site.

Changwook, are you the type that doesn’t waver? Or are you the type of person who sometimes accepts other people’s opinions and responds according to the situation?
I think it’s the latter. I think I’m a very swaying type (laughs), but in some parts, I’m stubborn. I usually listen to a lot of people. Some people may call it indecision, but I think I’m a cautious person.

Do you ride a motorcycle these days? Why do you like motorcycles?
I haven’t been on it for a long time. I don’t really want to ride. Anyway, it’s cold right now. But when it gets warm again, I think I want to ride it. I haven’t ridden it since I went to the South Sea for a You Tube shoot before.  I prefer “bike riding” rather than the “bike itself” or the machine. Feeling free to be blown by the wind. I like it, so I ride a motorcycle. It’s cold these days, so I don’t feel like riding at all.

I remember the story of going to work on a motorcycle during the performance of the musical “The Days” and greeting the fans with “hello.”
That’s right. I often move alone during performances and rehearsals, and I ride a motorcycle at times like that.  Riding a motorcycle can also change your mood.

Is there a place you want to go?
I want to go to Hawaii. I want to go to Jeju Island these days. I’ve only been to Japan a long time ago, so I can’t go at all, so I want to go there soon. I want to travel a lot. I just want to travel.

You have never been to Hawaii?
Yes, that’s right. I haven’t been there yet. Previously, I had time to buy a ticket to go to Hawaii, and I was planning to go with four friends, but all four forgot to apply for visas! It’s rare that no one checked there, so I went to the airport…… I remember going somewhere else in a hurry.

Is there a place you like?
Sauna. I love it. But I haven’t been able to go lately. I like saunas and being at home. I like the car going to the filming site very much. I really like the atmosphere of relaxing while listening to music alone.

40f57bf5feefcaccd40ea10c018880c4_1819x2728_hChangwook has a very nice singing voice. What song do you sing when you feel good?
Although not in particular, but I also like hyung Lee Juck’s songs such as “Don’t Worry” (featured in the drama “Reply 1988”) and the late Kim Kwang Seok’s songs.  Recently, I had a chance to meet with Lee Juck, and I was happy to hear Lee Juck’s songs directly.

What do you like about Lee Juck’s songs?
It is a bit different, unusual lyrics? Sometimes he uses words that I don’t think are usually used in the lyrics, but that’s what makes them interesting.

What’s your favorite song from the musical “The Days”?
I like everything, but I like “The Night Alone.”

What is the 18th [song]?
It’s “The Night Alone.”

[Note:  The “18th” referred to in the question is a pun on the Jūhachiban (十八番) – Eighteen Best Kabuki Plays, which is a set of works specifically associated with the Ichikawa Danjūrō line of kabuki actors.  The interviewer subtly wanted to know what Wook considered his favourite song to sing from “The Days,” even though he never performed it in the musical itself.]

It’s hard to meet the fans, but please let me know if you have any messages.
I didn’t expect the Corona disaster to last this long, so I’m very sorry that I couldn’t meet you. Anyway, please stay healthy. Also, I hope you enjoy your life while looking for small happiness. I hope everything you’re doing goes well. Please find your own happiness and stay healthy in your own way.


Photography/Kim Dowon (WONDERBOY Studio); Hair/Park Naejoo; Makeup/An Seongun; Stylist/Lee Hajeong; Coordination/Song Shinhae (TANO International); Interview (Written)/Katsura Mari

Source: eclat Magazine April 2022

Translated from Japanese to English by cherkell; there may be slight inaccuracies. PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION.

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