[Interview] Beautiful Healer descends! Ji Chang Wook’s éclat magazine interview [Part 1]

Ji Chang Wook, a popular Korean actor who is known as a ‘versatile actor,’ an ‘Asian prince,’ and a ‘hit prince,’ is loved all over the world.

[Note: We refer to dramas and movies mentioned throughout by their Japanese titles.]

As an all-rounder, he has captivated what he sees, from sad and sweet love romantic comedies to hard action.  14 years after his debut, éclat exclusively interviews him, turning 35 this year [Note: Western reckoning], and talks about his peaceful current life without embellishing it.


Adapt one’s role to oneself rather than create a new one.

Ji Chang Wook, a professional actor who leaves a strong different impression for each work, including “Queen Qi ~Two Love Oaths of Tears~,” “Healer ~The Best Love~,” and “Manipulated City.”  He is also responsible for dubbing the main character Taki Tachibana of [Japanese anime] “Your Name.”  He often performs OST songs for the dramas in which he appears.

In the movie “Hard Hit ~Transmission Restriction~,” which is currently being released in Japan, he has a strong presence despite his special appearance, and this year he will star in Netflix’s “Annarasumanara ~The Magic Melody~,” by the director of “Itaewon Class.”  Based on a popular web comic, the world is now paying attention to this star who plays a mysterious magician who heals a girl with magic.

Expectations are rising as he said, “I feel that many actors and staff are working hard to prevent the recent Korean entertainment boom from becoming a temporary phenomenon.”

“The glamorous cinematography so far is also eye-catching, but all the characters in the roles I’ve played so far look like me and don’t look like me.  I have never played a new character who is not me at all.  I think everything is expressed from my experience and what I have.”

Among them, “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” and “The Way of Love Between Men and Women in the City” showed many of his true selves.  “I think I’m the type to match the characters to myself.”

I don’t really feel like I have to accomplish anything special.  I think it’s a peaceful time in my life.

The second part of the interview with Ji Chang Wook will be released soon!

Source:  éclat magazine April 2022 issue

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  1. Great interview because of JC’s transparent honesty. The fact he is a home lover at heart makes him all the more appealing to us.

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