[Variety] Ji Chang Wook tries to make funny on “Mantul House”

This came out of the blue for us too, so we’re not sure how to fully report this news. The Kitchen will make a valiant attempt to explain Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming appearances on “Mantul House.”

“Mantul House” is a Korean entertainment program that is tailored for Indonesian audiences that premiered in January 2010, and is streamed via YouTube (Mantul House).  This reimagined version began in August 2021, when the producers began to concentrate on featuring more Korean actors and singers.  The basic content presented is:

Three people with different traits live together in a share house called 🏡 MANTUL HOUSE 🏡

Not only them, there are Korean artists visiting as new housemates 🤭
How do they have fun talking, eating, and playing games together at MANTUL HOUSE?

Three full-time talentos consist of the “share house staff” hosting this variety show.


Han Yoo Ra [한유라], the “atmospher chooser.”  Han Yoo Ra is a YouTube fashion influencer who was born in Indonesia.  Fluent in both Korean and Bahasa, she presents beauty and makeup tutorials via her YT channel “Han Yoo Ra [Little and BiG]”.  Han Yoo Ra has been featured on several entertainment programs such as “Bedah K-Pop” and Ariang’s “K-Wave Tour.” 

Park Kyung Rim [박경림], the “skilled, hard worker.”  Park Kyung Rim is an actress, entertainer and interviewer who you may recognize from various Korean programs.  In fact, she has quite a long history with Ji Chang Wook, having interviewed him at several drama press conference and on other occasions.

Jang Han Sol [장한솔], the “the diligent one with a cleaning hobby.”  Jang Han Sol is a well-known YouTube influencer with over 4.7M followers.  He was born in Daegu, Korea but moved to Malang, Indonesia when he was 3 years old.  Splitting his time between the two countries, he is also fluent in Korean and Bahasa and currently lives in South Korea, where he continues his interviewing and storytelling through his YouTube channel “Korea Reomit.”



Various Korean artists have appeared on Mantul House in past episodes, such as actors Lee Je Hoon, Cha Eun Woo and Ahn Bo Hyun, along with rapper B.I.  Ji Chang Wook is scheduled to appear on the premiere of Season 7 on 6 April, 13 April, 20 April and 27 April at 5:00pm (local time) for a total of four 15-minute episodes.

Episodes on the day of their release may be found streaming on their YouTube channel.  These will also be available on the Tokopedia Play channel, available through mobile devices (iOS linkAndroid link) or QR code:


Here is the teaser for Episode 1 of Ji Chang Wook’s short-term tenancy in Mantul House (parodying his role in “Backstreet Rookie”), along with a Ramandan wish for all his fans (click cc for English subs):

Since this variety show will be presented in Bahasa Indonesian, it is one of the languages The Kitchen is not fluent in and we will only be reposting the Korean or English content when available.  

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