[Drama] “Annarasumanara” Ji Chang Wook x Choi Sung Eun x Hwang In Yeop, 3 different character stills revealed

The character stills from “Annarasumanara” of Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, and Hwang In Yeop were released.

Netflix’s original series “Annarasumanara” is a fantasy music drama that tells the story of a mysterious magician named Lee Eul, suddenly appearing in front of Yoon Ai, a girl who lost her dreams, and Na Il Deung, a boy who was forced to dream.

The released character stills feature the three characters who meet each other and grow through magical things. Ji Chang Wook, who has gained global popularity with “Empress Ki,” “Healer,” and “Suspicious Partner,” and has steadily captivated viewers’ hearts in dramas such as “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” and “The Way of Love of City Men and Women,” will return as a magician.  Lee Eul is a mysterious creature that raises all kinds of rumors and questions while living with a parrot named Beauty in an abandoned amusement park.  Lee Eul, who shows off magic by asking, “Do you believe in magic?” is an adult who wants to live as a child forever.  Ji Chang Wook said, “Lee Eul is a person whose standards of good and evil are meaningless.  Lee Eul expressed his feelings honestly, without questioning any cause or reason.”  Director Kim Seong Yoon explained, “Ji Chang Wook’s youthful beauty and pure side stood out.”  Expectations were added to Ji Chang Wook’s transformation.

Choi Sung Eun, who announced the appearance of a big-name rookie by performing acting unlike a rookie in “Start-Up” and “Monster,” plays the role of Yoon Ai, a child who lost her dream. The innocent child who believed in magic, lives a hard life with her younger sister on behalf of the father who disappeared after a business failure, loses her dream, and just wants to become an adult quickly. Then she meets Lee Eul by chance and slowly recovers her lost laughter and innocence.

Choi said, “It was important for viewers to empathize with the child and sympathize with the child’s feelings.  I hope viewers will see themselves, just as they found me in a child.”  Director Kim Seong Yoon said Choi Sung Eun perfectly expressed the sorrow of a child, making them curious about the delicate emotional acting she would show.

Hwang In Yeop, who made domestic and foreign fans excited with “The Advent of a Goddess,” plays as the Number 1 student in the school who was forced to dream.  The first place, who was worried about his partner’s child, even met Lee Eul and thought about what he had been so far running from and what he really wanted.  Hwang In Yeop, who tried to create a more three-dimensional character, said, “I don’t know what I like about myself.  At the same time, he is a friend who is sloppy and has a strange charm.”