[Magazine] This spring with Ji Chang Wook, behind the scenes of Esquire Hong Kong

It makes my heart pound when I click on the post – who will be the star of today’s post?


Actor Ji Chang Wook, who will visit us soon with a new work


Actor Ji Chang Wook decorated the cover.

Esquire Hong Kong pictorial behind the scenes.

Let’s start now 🙂


Before us, the legendary Esquire Hong Kong pictorial!
Shall we watch it again?



It’s not a B-cut. It’s a J-cut


It’s one of the charming points of Ji Chang Wook!
The side line that would have cut my sight in half if I had seen it in person.


Existence is the concept
Actor Ji Chang Wook, who pulled off the concept perfectly and continued filming smoothly

6When I meet Ji Chang Wook in any outfit #perfection
a.k.a  Master of Wearing Clothes


A side line that shines even in a serious expression
I’m just thrilled ♥


And the post that will make everyone’s heart flutter!
The post has captured it  /( ゚ヮ゚)/


Look at it horizontally


Even if you look at it vertically,
Exceeding the handsome limit


There are various poses, but the coolness remains the same
You are the P.R.O


Raise your head and look at Ji Chang Wook


With your head raised, take a look at your handsome face
( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )◞♡


Not just hair and makeup, but “eul-cha-po” [face + outfit + pose]
Everything was perfect


Actor Ji Chang Wook’s eyes
Please make sure that everyone has seen this pictorial
Because it’s good for life (⸝⸝ᴗ͈ ̫ ᴗ͈⸝⸝) ♡‧₊ ˚


If you were curious about the breathtaking visuals, here now, is Ji Chang Wook


#BornToBeASuperstar The filming set filled with moments


He showed off his handsomeness until the end
Esquire Hong Kong Cover Filming Completed 🙂

27Various aspects of Actor Ji Chang Wook will be shown in the future
Please look forward to it ヽ(๑╹▽╹๑)ノ


To be released on 6 May
I hope you can see “Lee Eul” in the Netflix series “Annarasumanara”
Please show a lot of interest!


Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog; Netflix Korea

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11 thoughts on “[Magazine] This spring with Ji Chang Wook, behind the scenes of Esquire Hong Kong

  1. He’s a wonderful actor and projects a sweet and pleasing personality. He looks beautiful; why did he have his hair cut so short?

    • Because a short haircut was required for his character’s role in the upcoming drama “Tell Me Your Wish.” While filming, he is forbidden from notably changing his appearance until a specific time after shooting ends in case re-takes are needed.

  2. Absolutely stunning visuals. Wookie looks classy in any outfit, especially love the dark blue outfit where he is tying his shoe laces, so chic . Love the tatoos, sexy. He is a great model but as an actor he is outstanding.👌👌❤️😍

  3. BURNING QUESTIONS: Are the tattoos on both his thighs real or are they just for the photo shoot?

    How long has he been wearing a ring on his left hand ring finger?????

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