[Update] A&E Networks’ “Tell Me Your Wish” will air on KBS2 TV in August

A&E Network’s upcoming drama “Tell Me Your Wish,” starring Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il and Choi Soo Young is set to air on KBS2 TV in August 2022.

The Kitchen’s original post announcing Ji Chang Wook’s involvement in “Tell Me Your Wish” may be found at this link:  Ji Chang Wook x Sooyoung ‘If You Say Your Wish,’ scheduled for Netflix?

A&E Networks Korea (hereinafter referred to as A&E Korea) has confirmed the terrestrial broadcast of two original dramas. “Tell Me Your Wish” will air on KBS2 TV in August, and “From Today We Are” (a remake of the American rom-com “Jane the Virgin”) began its broadcast on SBS starting 9 May.  Both series will also be aired on Korea’s Lifetime Network.

As a result, A&E Korea has solidified its unrivaled position as a global media company that has produced and invested in Korean content.  Since A&E Networks entered Korea in 2017, it has produced 462 hours of entertainment, 144 hours of drama, and 37 original digital IPs. [Note:  Digital IP is intellectual property created in a digital format.]  In addition, A&E is distributing original Korean content around the world by utilizing its global network, which can be said to be the biggest advantage of A&E Networks.

By casting Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il and Choi Soo Young, one of the most anticipated works in the second half of the year, “Tell Me Your Wish” (directed by Kim Yong Wan, written by Jo Ryeong Su and  produced by Climax Studio) will be broadcast for the first time on KBS2 TV in August.

Director Kim Yong Wan holds the megaphone on a healing drama in which a precarious young man driven to the end of his life fulfills the final wishes of people at a hospice hospital. Author Cho Ryung Soo is in charge of writing to ensure the completeness.  Climax Studio, which successfully led the Netflix series “D.P.,” “Hell,” and tvING’s “Ghost,” was in charge of the production.  In particular, “Tell Me Your Wish” is the first production 100% invested in by A&E, which has been steadily investing in Korean content, and is expected to serve as a global media company that leads the Korean drama market in earnest.

Soh Young Sun, CEO of A&E Networks Korea, who has been leading A&E Korea since its entry into the Korean market, said, “After launching in Korea, A&E Korea has been working with creators who are regarded as Korea’s favorites for the past 5 years with original dramas such as ‘Convenience Store Saet Byeol’.  We are aggressively developing our media business by producing more than 80 different genres of entertainment, including ‘Drama World’ to digital hits like ‘Negotiation King’.  A&E will play a role in actively discovering and spreading it around the world.”

Source:  iStyle24; edited for “Tell Me Your Wish” content


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  1. Anxiously waiting for his new dramas/movies. He’s such a great actor/model and singer.

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