[Drama] Ji Chang Wook, “I want to be as normal as others…” for “If You Wish Upon Me”

The teaser for Ji Chang Wook’s viewpoint of “If You Wish Upon Me” has been released.

When you say your wish, you reflect on the meaning of this life.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me,” which will premiere on 10 August, released the first teaser video featuring Ji Chang Wook, who transformed into Yoon Gyeo Re (directed by Kim Yong Wan, scripted by Cho Ryung Soo, produced by A&E Korea and Climax Studio).

“If You Wish Upon Me” (short title, “Dangso Mal”) is a healing drama in which a precarious young man who is driven to the end of his life is healed by listening to people’s last wishes at a hospice hospital, and was motivated by a real foundation in the Netherlands that fulfills the last wishes of terminal cancer patients.

The teaser video which was released, started with Ji Chang Wook (playing Yoon Gyeo Re), who was hit by someone, and his face shown while squatting in one side of a room, is full of worries.  When Choi Soo Young (playing Seo Yeon Joo) asked, “Have you ever been happy in your life?” Ji Chang Wook, who was lost in thought, replied, “I don’t have it, but it’s like that,” raising questions about Yoon Gyeo Re’s situation.

Ji Chang Wook’s full-body tattoos and his powerless voice which has no hope for life, shows a lonely aura.  In particular, Ji Chang Wook, who is being hit by someone again and is captured, and his life on the thorny path is assumed.  He said, “Can’t I live a normal life like everyone else?”  I can’t wait to see what the reason is that he vented his anger following his plea.

A representative of the production team of “If You Wish Upon Me” said, “Ji Chang Wook sympathized with and expressed the pain and story of the character Yoon Gyeo Re better than anyone else. Please pay a lot of attention to ‘Dangso Mal,’ which will give the home theater the greatest wave of emotion, and look forward to Ji Chang Wook’s fantastic performance to portray Yoon Gyeo Re’s growth narrative.”

Sources:  MKSports.com; OSEN.com; KBS 2TV

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  1. He is such a brilliant actor that I’m sure this will be painful to watch; but of course, I will.

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