[Drama] “If You Wish Upon Me” Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il and Choi Soo Young, full of healing emotions

Expectations are high for actors Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il and Choi Soo Young’s synergy.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong Wan/script by Cho Ryeong Soo/hereinafter referred to as “Dang So-mal”) released a three-person poster on 19 July showing Ji Chang Wook (playing Yoon Gyeo Re), Sung Dong Il (playing Kang Tae Sik), and Choi Soo Young (playing Seo Yeon Joo).

“Dang So-mal” is a healing drama in which a precarious young man driven to the end of his life, heals pain by fulfilling people’s last wishes at a hospice hospital, and is motivated by a real foundation in the Netherlands that fulfilling the last wishes of terminal cancer patients.

Ji Chang Wook’s dazzling smile in the released three-person poster makes viewers’ hearts flutter.  His glittering eyes are expressions of indescribable emotion. In particular, Ji Chang Wook shows a bitter but light smile, drawing attention to what kind of story the Yoon Gyeo Re character, who has no desire and will for life, will have along with his delicate emotional acting.

On the other hand, Choi Soo Young, who will spread the happy virus with a positive mind in everything, is also expected.   In Choi Soo Young’s eyes, Seo Yeon Joo, a hospice hospital nurse, stands out with her firm determination to fulfill the last wishes of the patients. 

On top of that, Sung Dong Il’s slightly raised mouth makes my heart ache for some reason.  His affectionate gaze also shows the warmth of “Team Genie” leader Kang Tae Sik.

Above all, Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il, and Choi Soo Young’s similar but different smiles are drawing attention. The phrase “at the last moment, make it sparkle” draws attention to the past, present, and future of the three.  It raises questions about what kind of relationship they will draw and whether they will be able to achieve their last wish. Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il, and Choi Soo Young will solve each character’s narrative.

Meanwhile, “If You Say Your Wish” will be broadcast for the first time on 10 August at 9:50pm.

Sources:  KBS 2TV; Newsen.com; News1.kr; Hankyung.com


Translated from Korean to English by cherkell; there may be slight inaccuracies. PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. 

One thought on “[Drama] “If You Wish Upon Me” Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong Il and Choi Soo Young, full of healing emotions

  1. Can’t wait for the drama series of ‘If You Wish Upon Me’. I’m getting tissues ready for the drama…

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