[Drama] Compliments to Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il’s acting in “If You Wish Upon Me”

An unusual first meeting between Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il in “If You Wish Upon Me” was revealed.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me,” which will premiere on 10 August, will have an uncomfortable first meeting between Ji Chang Wook (playing Yoon Gyeo Re) and Sung Dong Il (playing Kang Tae Sik), directed by Kim Yong Wan, scriptwriter Cho Ryeong Soo, and production investment company A&E Korea.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook transforms into a dangerous young man, Yoon Gyeo Re, who is barely enduring his life without the will to continue living.  Sung Dong Il plays Kang Tae Sik, a passionate volunteer team leader and leader of “Team Genie,” who knows the inside and outside of hospice hospitals. Yoon Gyeo Re and Kang Tae Sik, who become entangled in an accident, are said to continue a relationship that may be either a bad affair or a relationship with each other, making people curious about the story of the two men.

In the released photo, Ji Chang Wook sitting alone on the sandy beach shows loneliness.  His frown is a mixture of thoughts and emotions that catches the eye.

Here, Sung Dong Il’s fierce eyes cause tension.  Sung Dong Il, who was looking at Ji Chang Wook from afar, approached him and talked to him, signaling the beginning of their relationship.  In particular, the two people’s different reactions are drawing attention.  While Ji Chang Wook, who is holding his dog “Son” is surprised, Sung Dong Il shows his face on the verge of exploding, raising interest in the first broadcast further in what story the two men’s flash meeting will contain.

The production team of “Dang So-mal” said, “Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il talked often before and after filming and tried to show the best teamwork, and I think the result was well contained in the drama.” The overwhelming performance of the two, who called for immersion at once, aroused praise from the scene at every moment.  Please look forward to Ji Chang Wook and Sung Dong Il’s relationship and various episodes in ‘Dang So-mal’.”

Sources:  Newsen.co.kr; slist.kr; KBS 2TV

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